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Leechboy 03-25-04 12:33 AM

Any way to remove "streaks" from a dvd?
I recently was looking through my collection and noticed that a few discs had smudges on them. They still worked fine but the smudges annoyed me. I took an eyeglasses cleaning cloth and wipe off the smudges, then I noticed that the cloth left behind some streaks. They are definitely not scratches. The discs still play fine. Is there anyway to get rid of these streaks? Whats the best way to clean a disc so that it looks new again? thanks...

FinkPish 03-25-04 12:42 AM

Some discs just come with these smudges due to the way they are manufactured. I think it has something to do with the way the layers are joined together, but I may be wrong (I'm sure someone will correct me if I am). If they aren't affecting playback, then why mess with them? You could only make things worse.

Eplicon 03-25-04 01:12 AM

I usually use car wax to polish up CDs and DVDs. My trick is simple. Soak the buffer with water and drain, so it's moist. Add a dab of wax, and gently buff the entire surface. Despite the usual manufacture's recommended method of wiping from the center outwards to the edge, I don't bother and have yet to lose a disc this way.

Rise thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water, and use the buffer (be sure to drench it dry first) to remove any remaining wax and water. Repeat if necessary. You might have to shake the disc if it's particularly wet.

matome 03-25-04 07:53 AM

Yep, I've had great success with car wax (Zymol) as well. Even brought back to life a couple of discs that I had scratched up and was skipping/freezing at that point. I'm not talking about a knife slice, but it works well with an accidental drop against the table edge.

Kimiakane 03-25-04 08:18 AM

CAR WAX? You gentlemen are joking, right?

Flave 03-25-04 10:02 AM

Another useful technique I've successfully used to revive scratched DVDs (and CDs) is to gently (GENTLY) rub a dab of toothpaste over the scratched area with a soft cloth. Then rinse. Works like a charm...

AGuyNamedMike 03-25-04 10:17 AM

Both. The toothpaste polishing to fix scratches and the car wax to fill the microscratches. I started doing this back in the late 80's to fix CDs.

rennervision 03-29-04 10:54 AM

Folks - the original poster wasn't asking how to fix scratches.

I, too, am annoyed by streaks after cleaning off dust and fingerprint smudges - almost to the point of wishing I had just left the disc alone in the first place. So I was curious if anyone else had any suggestions about this problem?

Surely someone out there shares in our annoyance and perhaps has a solution?

Movie_Man 03-29-04 10:58 AM

Typically I don't bother messing with smudges as long as they play ok, but when I do run into a problem, I'll give it a shot of Windex, then wipe dry with a soft cloth. Works great.

jasonnaper 03-29-04 11:05 AM


SMART-ASS 03-29-04 01:34 PM

Ok, here we go again...


(not a typo)

chente 03-29-04 02:34 PM

Remove streaks? Have you tried boiling them?

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