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mike45 03-14-04 11:41 PM

The hottest Charlie's Angel?
Who was or is the hottest Charlie's Angel?

My personal favorite has always been Jaclyn Smith.

fumanstan 03-14-04 11:54 PM

Great looking disc! :)

Cornelius1047 03-15-04 12:01 AM



FiveO 03-15-04 01:13 AM


No contest. :drool:

the big train 03-15-04 01:17 AM

Kris Munroe :drool: :drool: :drool:

RaMMaR 03-15-04 01:29 AM

Jaclyn Smith was always my favorite :drool:

onebyone 03-15-04 02:49 AM

Lucy. No contest.

djones6746 03-15-04 04:53 AM

Had to pick Cheryl Ladd!!! :)

dcswirl 03-15-04 05:15 AM

Gotta go with Jaclyn here, with Ladd a close second.

Cocopugg 03-15-04 05:18 AM

Jaclyn Smith. With all due respects, today's movie chicks all look like they eat and barf. I like a healthy looking babe to be my angel :)

Simon Keller 03-15-04 06:50 AM

Originally posted by FiveO

No contest. :drool:

In the first movie, at the drive-thru, when she reaches over to fix the speaker...:drool:

matome 03-15-04 07:59 AM


GuessWho 03-15-04 09:02 AM

Move to TV Talk?

Spiderbite 03-15-04 09:10 AM

If any thread deserves pix it should be this one!

Rypro 525 03-15-04 09:38 AM

Originally posted by Cornelius1047


Originally posted by brianluvdvd
If any thread deserves pix it should be this one!
well your wish is my command

Maxflier 03-15-04 09:43 AM

Lucy Liu

Red Dog 03-15-04 09:48 AM


BassDude 03-15-04 10:34 AM

Cheryl Ladd here as well.

Farrah was so popular...they were afraid the show would tank without her...and they land one of the hottest women to walk the Earth.

Can't wait for Season two DVD!

(Maybe we should list ages with our responses. Cheryl was one of my first "guy/girl" thangs in the 70's, so I'm biased. And 38.)

LBCrazyFool 03-15-04 10:38 AM

Cameron Diaz...

illennium 03-15-04 10:46 AM

Drew Barrymore.

ianholm 03-15-04 10:52 AM


fumanstan 03-15-04 11:24 AM

Ugh, Lucy is fugly.

vivarey 03-15-04 11:33 AM

Christina Chambers (far right) as Jaclyn Smith in the recent 'unauthorized' TV movie:


With the real Smith coming in a close 2nd.

island007 03-15-04 12:04 PM

Has to be Lucy.

rushmore223 03-15-04 12:42 PM

Drew looks like she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, just too ugly to look at.

I went Old School with Jaclyn!

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