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fryinpan1 02-16-04 08:58 AM

Van Helsing The London Assignment
This looks pretty good.

from DVDanswers.com:


Title: The London Assignment
Starring: Hugh Jackman (Voice)
Released: 11th May 2004
SRP: $14.98

Further Details
Universal have now sent over this first look at the official artwork for The London Assignment which is an animated prequel to the upcoming horror flick - Van Helsing. It features the voice of Hugh Jackman, and will be available to own in shops from the 11th May this year. The disc should retail at around $14.98 in total. Still no word on extra material I'm afraid, but we've attached the official region one artwork below:

RandyM 02-16-04 09:28 AM

The problem I have is it's only 30 minutes long.

Wannabe 02-16-04 09:43 AM

At 30 minutes, who is this for? Will it run on television first?

In terms of content to dollars, the SRP should be $4.99.

sicklerice 02-16-04 09:48 AM

If the Van Helsing trailer is indication, it'll be 30 minutes too long.

Can you say, "even less than lXg?"

I think we're seeing the tail end of the heyday of the comic book genre.

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