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Mr. Cinema 02-19-04 09:41 AM

I kinda like this new case. I hope inetdvd.com will sell them soon. It makes them a bit more sturdy. The top and bottom sides of some of my really old amarays are starting to speard apart a little.

SWR 1 06-21-04 07:31 PM

I think the hub is better than Amaray
I don't necessarily like the tabs but I do like the hub. I find it to be secure but also esy to get the dvd off of the hub. I think Amarays are fine but don't understand why they don't have rim around the hub cut out so you can get a firm grip on the disc. I have very big hands and find it annoying to get dvds off of the Amaray hub. The new tab lock cases have four places cut out so you can get a firm grip on the disc when you are releasing it from the hub. Amarays quality in my opinion has been less than stellar lately. They are making the Amarays crappier and crappier.

cfloyd3 06-21-04 09:09 PM

I bought mine from Columbia House and it was in a normal keep case and I still haven't encountered having a DVD with the tabs. In time I suppose.

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