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MovieGuy26 02-05-04 02:19 PM

What to buy?!
I have a decent collection (almost 200) and I would like to get my 200th DVD today. Please look in my collection (sig) and see what I am SERIOUSLY LACKING. WHAT DO I NEED THAT I DON'T HAVE? Thanks


Johnny Zhivago 02-05-04 02:43 PM

Citizen Kane.

I'll stop there...

vincew 02-05-04 04:07 PM

Lock, Stock, and 2 Smoking Barrels would be good - since you already have Snatch. I think it's a better film, too.

NaturalMystic79 02-05-04 05:14 PM

Das Boot: Superbit :)

MovieGuy26 02-05-04 05:38 PM

well i went and i was looking for something cheaper. i decided to go with my Johnny Depp role (just got Fear and Loathing and Ed Wood) so I got Sleepy Hollow. Then i saw Truman Show for cheap and I got that. Ill be sure to check out Lock Stock and Citizen Kane sooner or later. thank for the input.


sataniko 02-05-04 06:11 PM

Falling Down and Scarface.

sfsdfd 02-05-04 09:05 PM

Moving to DVD Talk Forum.

- David Stein

Yakuza Bengoshi 02-05-04 09:15 PM

Seven Samurai.

RyoHazuki 02-05-04 09:26 PM

Band of Brothers

lesterlong 02-05-04 09:55 PM

Any Criterion. :)

Wannabe 02-05-04 10:06 PM


asianxcore 02-05-04 10:15 PM

The Birds
Chasing Amy
The Untouchables
Beverly Hills Cop 1

celluloidwisdom 02-05-04 11:12 PM

The Exorcist
The French Connection


Fandango 02-05-04 11:25 PM

Can you look at my collection too? I always wanted to participate in these kinds of threads.

joliom 02-06-04 06:07 AM

Based on your collection I'd suggest:

• Predator
• Die Hard
• Lethal Weapon/Lethal Weapon 2
• First Blood
• Speed
• The Road Warrior
• The Jack Ryan Collection
• Total Recall
• Superman
• Darkman
• Spawn
• Executive Decision
• In the Line of Fire
• True Lies (non-anamorphic)
• The Dirty Harry Collection

If you're looking to broaden/diversify your collection then I would say you need more classics & Criterions. Also, I'm not sure how much you like Horror & Westerns, but those look to be a bit under-represented also.

QuiGonJosh 02-06-04 06:44 AM

Any Kurosawa...looking from your tastes I'd say Seven Samurai, Yojimbo/Sanjuro, and Rashomon

Superman The Movie
Evil Dead Trilogy
Citizen Kane
Once Upon a Time in the West

steebo777 02-06-04 06:53 AM

The Big Lebowski

...'nuff said

joliom 02-06-04 07:45 AM

A few others to consider:

• Apollo 13
• 12 Monkeys
• The Bridge on the River Kwai
• Brotherhood of the Wolf
• Lιon (a.k.a. The Professional)
• The Transporter
• Armaggedon (non-anamorphic)
• The Last of the Mohicans (1992)
• Lawrence of Arabia
• Patton
• Platoon
• The Rocky Collection
• Ronin
• True Romance
• Bad Boys 1
• The Abyss
• The Thing (1982)
• They Live
• Big Trouble in Little China
• Escape from New York
• Dark City
• Blade Runner
• The Fly/The Fly 2
• Manhunter

And I second:

• Band of Brothers
• Das Boot
• Beverly Hills Cop
• The Big Lebowski
• Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

I also recommend excising The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood from your collection altogether. That's almost inexcusable.

The Exister 02-06-04 07:51 AM

Originally posted by steebo777
The Big Lebowski

...'nuff said

I'll second that and add Raising Arizona.

MovieGuy26 02-06-04 08:57 AM

Divine Secrets is my MOM's sadly. Think I should remove it? I just put it up there to make my number a little higher.

mikewendt 02-06-04 09:14 AM

Big Lebowski!!!

also Scarface, Christmas Story, Who Framed Roger Rabbit & True Romance

Gig 02-06-04 10:33 AM

OMG i love ure collection! 90% of the dvd's u own i will buy if i hvent already! top notch! ive never been able to find the jurassic park ultimate edition with the bonus disc. Ive only got the special edition boxed set of jurassic park and lost world. A fair few films still to get though.

jayson1017 02-06-04 11:04 AM

Be an aristocrat. Pickup a history of world cinema book and get the undisputable classics. Most likely, you'll end up adding a lot of Criterion dvds. This will result in an entertaining and educational viewing experience.

jayson1017 02-06-04 11:09 AM

Wow. I just went through your collection. You had only one Criterion dvd. If you expanded your collection to include more classic world films, you could easily add 200 dvds. Theres a lot of dvds to get from Criterion, Kino, New Yorker, Anchor Bay (soon to be defunct), etc. I suggest you take that route.

iexx 02-06-04 12:11 PM

Hey Movie Guy 26,

Thanks for sharing your collection. Alot of your collection is made of up more recent films. That's not a bad thing, but I agree with the other suggestions to look at some older classics- maybe something you wouldn't normally look at.

That said here are a few various suggestions some old some new:

The Rock- Criterion Collection - it's on your wish list

Rushmore - Criterion Collection - a subtle treat in the spirit of Bill Murray's Oscar nomination.

Kingpin - Murray, Harrleson, Quaid, the Landlady and the Farrelly Bros!

Chinatown - Dunaway and Nicholson classic film noir

Night of the Hunter - hard to categorize this, but a classic

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