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sicklerice 01-28-04 02:53 PM

Animeigo lost SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH series rights...does anyone know who picked it up?
I'm praying that HVE picked up the rights to the 13 Kyoshiro Nemuri (SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH) films.

Now that Animeigo has lost them (and apparently cannot get them back) does anyone know who picked the rights up?

STEVEIGNORANT 01-29-04 02:43 AM

There were actually 12 films and I am dying to know if they will get or have been picked up by someone else. These along with the razor films. I highly doubt HVE picked them up but perhaps some company like Media Blasters will take a chance. Animeigo's site says the license may not be renewed, so they could still renew I assume. Best thing to do is shoot them an email, they are always fast with responses.

[email protected]

sicklerice 01-29-04 03:54 PM

Well, I'm actually only interested in the nine that Raizo Ichikawa made anyways. ;)

Robert said on the site that they cannot renew it, so the assumption to me is that someone else negotiated it.

I talked to him in the past about that series and he wasn't too hot on the idea of releasing any of them againn because the sales on the first 6 that they released were atrocious.

I think that if HVE got them and got them run on IFC it'd be another great set to release on DVD.

If Media Blasters got them it'd be ok too. But, if they are going to have sales they need to get them aired on IFC.

I think I need to fish up cables to get my LD player back online so that I can watch some Sleepy Eyes of Death. Full Circle Killing and Sword of Adventure would be great tonight.

STEVEIGNORANT 01-29-04 05:08 PM

Sad news indeed. I've been wanting these films for a while. Maybe someone knows who has the rights, if anyone. I know media blasters is releasing the final zato film in 26 days(not that I'm counting) and they released one of the sure death films, so it is a possibility. Someone on another board who worked on the zato 26 disc was going to bring up the possibility to MB of licensing the only unreleased film, pilgrimage. Hopefully sales are good for this one and they will consider more samurai films.

sicklerice 01-29-04 09:56 PM

media blasters released a Hissatsu (Sure Death!) film?

Wow. I should offer to trade them original Japanese Sure Death posters for DVDs! I am probably the only American with 3 different Sure Death Posters in stock all showing boobies! :)

What's the title they released it under?

STEVEIGNORANT 01-30-04 12:29 AM

Hey, email me and we can talk a little more about these films.

[email protected]

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