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Kal-El 01-09-04 02:47 PM

NEW Top 100 DVD Census (2004 Edition)
Instead of waiting for LB Pound, I figure we can start the thread and he can just gather the data later on.

From last year's thread(modified to reflect more recent dates):

Now that all the big releases of Fourth Quarter are out and you've gotten a chance to check out the latest DVDs, it's time again to put together a list of the Top 100 DVD Releases of All-Time. This 'census' was last done in December of 2002, and the list of results was varying and certainly (in my opinion) interesting. Since this is done entirely by public vote, I have no more say in what wins than any of you! (So don't complain to me about Fight Club being #1 - I didn't pick it!

Some basic guidelines:

You select the 10 DVD releases that you consider to be best overall, ranked in descending order of quality. "Best" is determined by two criteria: movie quality and DVD quality. It is meant to incorporate the DVD presentation of the film, but it's not entirely about the extras and DVD layout. Take both factors into consideration when making your selections. DVD quality includes audio/video quality plus the quality of extra features.

You are voting on DVD releases, which means that The Godfather Collection is ONE vote, Toy Story & Toy Story 2: The Ultimate Toy Box is ONE vote, The Back to the Future Trilogy is ONE vote, etc.

Please only vote once. I'll be posting this on several Internet DVD forums as I did last year, since the idea is to make this a definitive list that the people decide. If you visit those other boards, please DO NOT vote on more than one forum.

And please be specific as to what release you are selecting. "Widescreen" version isn't necessary, but if you're voting for something like Lord of the Rings, please specify 2-Disc Theatrical or Extended Edition. I'm not really sure how to treat similar releases, such as separate DD and DTS versions (which just about never happens anymore) or something like the 4-Disc vs. 5-Disc LOTR releases and Spider-man 2-Disc vs. Collector's Set (in which the difference is mostly just physical extras). Most likely I'll just count them together, and list the more basic one with more votes with a note. In some instances, though, there might be need for separate counts (I'm thinking of something like E.T. 2-Disc vs. 3-Disc). Nonetheless, vote for what you want, I'll count them as they're voted, and I'll decide what makes the most sense once everything is tallied.

Scoring is simple enough. Your 1st choice gets 10 points, 2nd choice gets 9, 3rd gets 8, and so on...onto your 10th pick, which gets 1 point. If your list includes a tie, the middle score will be awarded to both titles. For example, if you pick Ghost and Ghost Dad as tied for #1, each will receive 9.5 points. If you don't indicate the order of your list, I'll just assume they are in the order that you posted, from top to bottom (and left to right).

Voting will run from (no date set yet) and the results site should be up by the end of January. The resulting list will be the Top 100 DVDs based on points earned, and I may include a list of some DVDs that just missed the cut.

If you'd like to help me out by counting votes, please drop me an e-mail. With hundreds and hundreds of votes, it's awfully time-consuming for me to count them all myself. I will be maintaining a spreadsheet with the data.

Once again, for those of you who don't like to read a lot, post a list of your Top 10 DVD releases of all-time!

Oh and finally, if you'd like, you can include comments about why you picked what you did, which I would use on the results website.

I'll post my top ten later. Could we also have a consensus on when the deadline should be?

GatorDeb 01-09-04 02:59 PM

1) Alien Quadrilogy
2) FOTR Giftset
3) TTT Giftset
4) Three Colors Trilogy

Pants 01-09-04 03:15 PM

1) Brazil - Criterion
2) Fantasia Anthology- Box Set
3) Grand Illusion - Criterion
4) Tron - 2 disc
5) Vertigo
6) Citizen Kane
7) The Red Shoes - Criterion
8) Solaris (1972) - Criterion
9) The Last Temptation of Christ - Criterion
10)Raiders of the Lost Ark

Rypro 525 01-09-04 03:17 PM

1 TTTee amazing extras, and a great picture and sound
2. Led Zeppelin dvd The greatest band in the world (sorry rolling stones) finally get their dues on dvd
3. Alien Quadrillogy this thing would take a few weeks to get this one done!
4. Black Hawk Down 3 disc set Really liked the commentary from the army people
5. Once Upon a Time in the West
6. Alias The best show currently on tv
7. Citizen Kane The greatest movie of all time is still one of the best dvd's out there
8. Pulp Fiction the movie of the 90's!
9. FOTR ee see ttt ee
10. band of brothers best mini series of all time

PalmerJoss 01-09-04 03:19 PM

1. Toy Story:Ultimate Toy Box
2. Brazil:Criterion Collection
3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:Extended Edition
4. Alien Quadrilogy
5. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:Extended Edition
6. Fight Club 2-disc
7. Black Hawk Down 3-disc
8. Fantasia Anthology
9. Almost Famous:Bootleg edition
10. Citizen Kane

Tarantino 01-09-04 03:20 PM

Pulp Fiction
Alien Quadrilogy
Boogie Nights (2 disc version)
Ultimate Toybox Set
Scarface Anniversary Ed.
Royal Tenenbaums CC
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas CC
Chasing Amy CC
Terminator 2 UE
Battle Royale (LE Tin)

Mr.Briggs 01-09-04 03:36 PM

1) Ultimate Toy Box
4) Looney Tunes Golden Collection
5) Godfather Box set
6) Indiana Jones Box set
7) BTTF Box set
8) Alien Quadrilogy
9) Star Wars: Episode 2 AOTC
10)Pearl Harbor Vista Series

mookiemeister 01-09-04 03:43 PM

3) Indiana Jones Trilogy
4) Back to the Future Trilogy
5) Three Colors Trilogy
6) Casablanca SE
7) Princess Bride SE
8) Notorious Criterion
9) Rebecca Criterion
10) Abyss SE

scarredgod 01-09-04 03:44 PM

1. fight club (2 disc)
2. true romance (2 disc)
3. punch drunk love
4. boogie nights (platinum)
5. twin peaks : season one
6. from hell (2 disc)
7. blue velvet SE
8. eraserhead
9. memento (limited edition)
10. donnie darko

B.A. 01-09-04 03:48 PM

LotR - FotR: E.E.
LotR - TTT: E.E.

and in no particular order:

Black Hawk Down - 3-disc D.E.
Fight Club (2-disc)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Criterion
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Band of Brothers
Almost Famous Untitled - The Bootleg Cut
Casablanca -2-disc S.E.
Citizen Kane - 2-disc S.E.

KTIK 01-09-04 03:56 PM

1. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (EE)
2. Beatles Anthology
3. Looney Tunes Golden Collection
4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Criterion)
6: The Ultimate Toy Box
7. Re-Animator (Elite Edition)
8. The Shield season 1
9. High School Reuninon Pack
10. The Ultimate Ric Flair collection

RichDB10 01-09-04 03:56 PM

1. Alien Quadrilogy
2. Fassbinder BRD Trilogy
3. Brazil CC
4. by Brakhage CC
5. Fantasia Anthology
6. Black Hawk Down DE
7. The Adventures Of Antoine Doinel CC
8. Looney Tunes Golden Collection
10. Casablanca SE

FatTony 01-09-04 03:59 PM

3. Toy Story - UTB
4. Punch-Drunk Love
5. The Royal Tenenbaums CC
6. Family Guy - Vol. 1
7. Casablanca SE
8. Requiem For A Dream
9. Fight Club SE
10. Brazil CC

Seth Gecko 01-09-04 04:05 PM

1. Band of Brothers
2. Fellowship of the Ring EE
3. The Two Towers EE
4. Lawrence of Arabia Superbit
5. Alien Quadrilogy
6. Black Hawk Down DE 3-disc
7. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas CC
8. Gladiator 2-disc
9. Brazil CC
10. Adventures of Indiana Jones

RZapolski181 01-09-04 04:12 PM

1.Indiana Jones box set
2.Fellowship of the Ring EE
3.The Two Towers EE
4.Fight Club 2-disc
5.Pirates of the Caribbean
6.Saved by the Bell seasons 1 & 2
7.Finding Nemo
8.Terminator 2 Extreme Edition
9.Donnie Darko
10.High School Reunion box

whynotsmile 01-09-04 04:19 PM

1. Fellowship of the ring EE

2. Two towers EE

3. Ailen Quadrilogy

4. Fight CLub 2 disk

5. 81/2 criterion collection

6. Led Zeppelin dvd

7. Citizen Kane SE

8. the simpsons season 3

9. back to the future set

10.Se7en platinum series

Simpson Purist 01-09-04 04:22 PM

1. Alien Quadrilogy - The closest thing to an "ultimate" DVD.
2. The Two Towers Extended - Everything the first LOTR DVD was and more.
3. The Fellowship of the Ring Extended - No comment
4. Fight Club - A sentimental DVD favorite.
5. The Adventures of Indiana Jones - FINALLY! Glad to see one of the Lucas/Spielberg jewels arrive on DVD unaltered.
6. The Simpsons Season 3 - Best Simpsons season ever. Until season 4 that is.
7. Band of Brothers - No comment
8. Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box - Pixar's best movies on their greatest DVD package to date.
9. The Beatles Anthology - The definitive documentary of the greatest rock band in history supplemented by great 5.1 audio.
10. Futurama Volumes 1-2 - The most underrated TV show in recent memory gets a fantastic DVD treatment. Reference quality video and supplements that even dwarf The Simpsons DVDs make this one a winner.

dimitrios3 01-09-04 07:05 PM

[list=1][*]Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition[*]Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition[*]Alien Quadrilogy[*]Toy Story: Ultimate Toy Box[*]Casablanca: SE[*]Brotherhood of the Wolf (Canadian Edition)[*]Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace[*]Citizen Kane[*]Singing in the Rain: SE[*]The Third Man: Criterion[/list=1]

shizawn 01-09-04 07:24 PM

1. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition
2. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition
3. Ultimate Toy Box
4. Alien Quadrilogy
5. Band of Brothers
6. Terminator 2: Ultimate Edition
7. Black Hawk Down 3-disc SE
8. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
9. Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
10. The Godfather Collection

mookyman 01-09-04 08:17 PM

1) Alien Quadrilogy
2) Brazil CC
3) The Two Towers EE
4) Fight Club SE
5) Eraserhead
6) The Fellowship of the Ring EE
7) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas CC
8) Moulin Rouge SE
9) Punch-Dunk Love
10) Nashville

Satoshi 01-09-04 08:33 PM

1. The Two Towers: Extended Edition
2. 24: Season Two
3. The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition
4. Indiana Jones Trilogy
5. Back to the Future Trilogy
6. Alias: Season Two
7. Pirates of the Caribbean
8. X2
9. Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
10. Alias: Season One

RyoHazuki 01-09-04 08:36 PM

Alien Quad




F+L in LV:CC




IRTRTAWIW (I reserve the right to abbreviate whatever I want.)

MichaelMeyers 01-09-04 08:43 PM

01. Fight Club
02. Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box
03. Alias Season 1 and 2
04. Se7en
05. Alien Quadrilogy
06. Brazil Criterion Collection
07. Godfather Collection
08. Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring EE
09. Lord of the Rings- the Two Towers EE
10. Mullholland Drive

cupcake jesus 01-09-04 08:53 PM

1. Alien Quadrilogy (despite the silly title)
2. Fight Club 2-disc SE
3. Toy Story: The Ultimate Toy Box
4. Die Hard: Fox 5-Star
5. Brazil: CC
6. Citizen Kane: Warner 2-disc
7. Memento: LE
8. I am Trying to Break Your Heart: A Film about Wilco by Sam Jones
9. 28 Days Later
10. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, special extended edition

All the bonus performances on the Wilco dvd really put it over the top for me, and the last alternate ending on 28 Days Later is really something special. Basically a lot of GOOD special features is what makes a disc for me, I guess. Not to mention a quality flick, or flicks, as that may be.

JoeyOhhhh 01-09-04 08:57 PM

1. Alien Quadrilogy - Even tho I don't own it, having looked through the specs of the set, and everyone's opinions on it, it is the way to release a catalog franchise
2. WWE Ultimate Ric Flair Collection - Wrestling discs are probably overlooked, but this is the way the WWE should do their extensive looks at the greats in wrestling.
3. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - A Disney classic gets the royal treatment on DVD.
4. Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Knocks WDT line out of the top spot for cartoon short collection.
5. Back to the Future Collection - One of the holy trilogies treated nicely by Universal (framing issues aside, and probably last good release up until Scarface)
6. Citizen Kane - Great picture plus hefty extras about the "greatest film ever made"
7. Pulp Fiction - One of the most acclaimed movies of the 90s with a lovely 2 disc set.
8. Amadeus Director's Cut - Great film with a nice 2 disc set.
9. Indiana Jones Collection - Another holy trilogy from Lucas/Spielberg gets a nice A/V presentation.
10. Casablanca - Warner's cleanup job and extras make this a great DVD set.

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