LOTR trilogy VS. STAR WARS trilogy question

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LOTR trilogy VS. STAR WARS trilogy question

Just for fun...

In fall 2004, if Lucas offered to sell you the ORIGINAL STAR WARS trilogy (not Special Edition) if and only if you gave up your LOTR trilogy (both theatrical & extended version), what would you tell him?

I'd say "Hell no!"
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I"d tell him to F off.

I've never seen the SE of the star wars triology, but they can't be THAT different from the original.

and besides, I like LOTR more than star wars.
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Do I have to give up LOTR forever? Can I just reorder from DDD?

(looking for more loopholes)
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Its gotta be special edition it your gonna trade your extended version. Your question isnt fare then. I would trade extended version lotr for SE star wars. But no way i would trade extended version lotr for regular star wars.
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LOTR is not a trilogy - it's a single book broken into three volumes.
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Originally posted by tacomantt
LOTR is not a trilogy - it's a single book broken into three volumes.
We all know the history behind LOTR publisher's intent to release the huge novel as 3 easier to read books, Tacomantt...

but, pleeeeease work with me here...thanx
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Does anyone else reading this think some of the posters above may not be fully cognisant of the SW original vs SE debate, and think that the SE's are a better thing?
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I would not give up my LOTR!!! Star Wars #4 (the first one released) was in the theaters when I was in my prime - when I was in my 20's! Now I'm in the latter 1/2 of my 50's and I am SO FED UP with Lucas and the games he has been playing for 30 some years that I'd just ignore him and walk away. I wouldn't tell him to f*** himself, but the look on my face would indicate that was what I was thinking!

But, I read the LOTR books when I was in my teen's and therefore I have more loyalty and "deeper" feelings for LOTR than for SW!!
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Would the features on this OT you suggest match the EE? Gimme that first, then I'll answer the question.
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i would miss not seeing the 'old' versions of films that were a big part of my early life,
1) i've already seen them dozens and dozens of times.
2) there are only 2 films SW films in the original trilogy that are good.
the last one takes much of what made the previous two so great and invalidates it.

LOTR on the other hand is
1) a cohesive whole that is not undermined by its resolving chapter
2) something i haven't seen a lot (yet) so it would get much more , rapt attententive, viewing.

so i'd keep my LOTRs.
thanks for asking though
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wtf? and not a chance.
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Not only would I not trade my LOTR discs, I would burn DVDRs of my Star Wars original version LDs and stand on street corners handing them out to anyone who walked by.

And that's saying something from a longtime Star Wars fan.
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Not a hope! Star Wars may be good for it's time but it is poorly acted and the effects are aged.

IMHO The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the best sci-fi or fantasy trilogy ever produced. Great acting, excellent CGI and a wonderful story. Too bad there will be no sequel to the Rings.
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LOTR wins, hands down. The fact that the SE versions ever existed is reason enough for me to not give in to this trade. The charm of the original films has been completely lost on me because of the sterile, uninspired changes made to them.
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Can we say stupid thread not based on any reality? And a post that is pretty much flame-baiting?

I mean do people just sit there at their keyboards and try to figure out ways of starting LOTR vs. Star Wars fights?
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Jackson made 10 times the movie that Lucas ever did and he did it for only $175million.

I don't even care if Episode 3 is ever released. In fact, it might be better if it never was.
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I, too, would tell Lucas to F'off.
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Gotta stick with the LOTR movies. As much as the SW movies did for the movie business and as much as I have enjoyed them many, many, many, many, times over the years, LOTR is just a better overall production. It benefits from far superior special effects capabilities and is based on a "tried and true" story that is, arguably, the best fantasy story ever created, which allows the story to remain true to itself theroughout all three movies. Additionally, by filming all of the movies at the same time, the visual and character continuity is maintained at a level that is much tighter than SW was able to take advantage of.

It's actually been interesting to see, in conversations with my friends who are long-time SW fantics, how many of them are so quick to grasp on to LOTR as "the" trilogy. It actually caught me off guard a couple of times. I guess we are all fans of the Sc-Fi-/Fantasy genres more than of the individual movies.
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What the hell kinda question is that?

If Luke Skywalker was gonna chop someone up Papa Smurf with a lightsaber would you sell your 24 season 1 to save him?
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No, But I'd trade 'em in if he promised to make Chapters 7, 8 & 9 with Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.
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I would burn the LOTR trilogy in my BBQ pit and kiss Lucas full on the lips.
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Yah, but even if LOTR movies were made the same time, imagine if the first one turned out to be D&D: The Movie. It's not because it's made back to back to back that the quality is guarantee. We coulve' had a D&D quality-like Trilogy, instead of what we have now.

I heard ROTK EE is 4h17 minutes long. No way in hell i'm giving that away.
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Re: LOTR trilogy VS. STAR WARS trilogy question

Originally posted by JIF
Just for fun...
Hmmm, a hypothetical question to show where my "loyalties" lie.

Sure I would, but only if Lucas threw in an SE of The Star Wars Christmas Special!

Whheeeeeeehahahahaha....that was fun!

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Yeah, this is what the board needs - ANOTHER Star Wars vs Rings thread. That's a GREAT idea guys - count me in!
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