Best Comedy Tv Show On DVD

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Best Comedy Tv Show On DVD

What are your top 5 favorite comedy shows that are on dvd. There is alot of them like Ben stiller show, jeffersons, good times, mr. show, etc.
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The Simpsons hands down!
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1. Family Guy
2. Sports Night
3. Friends
4. Are You Being Served?
5. Sex and the City

I didn't include shows that have only had a season or two released so far, like Cheers, Frasier, Jeffersons, etc. It made it a lot easier to limit my list to five.

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South Park. It's the only comedy I watch.
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Family Guy
The Office!!!
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The Office is my new favorite show.
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The ones I own:

Family Guy
Mr. Bean - The Whole Bean
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(in no particular order)

Family Guy
South Park
Strangers with Candy
Upright Citizens Brigade
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Family Guy
Fawlty Towers
Mr. Bean
The Office

I own them, but I have not watched them (yet [got the set for the holidays]) Im sure a number of people will vote for Monty Python's Flying Circus.

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Family Guy
The Ben Stiller Show
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Three's Company
King of the Hill
Malcolm in the Middle
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Phoenix Nights
The Office
I'm Alan Partridge
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I guess I have different tastes than everyone that posted, nobody even mentioned my favorite comedy series releases so far.

For me Mr. Show is just on another level of hillarity than any other show released on DVD so far. Nothing comes close to being as funny as Show.
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The Simpsons
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Curb Your Enthusiasm (not out yet, give it a couple of weeks)
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1) Monty Python's Flying Circus
2) SportsNight
3) Mr. Show
4) Space Ghost
5) Kids in the Hall

HM: NewsRadio (Since it's coming soon), Upright Citizens Brigade, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Ben Stiller Show

It's a tough list to make, though.

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In no particular order...

Family Guy
Monty Python's Flying Circus
South Park
Fawlty Towers
Married... with Children
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1. Sports Night - Disc 1
2. Sports Night - Disc 6
3. Sports Night - Disc 3
4. Sports Night - Disc 4
5. (TIE)Sports Night - Disc 2 and Sports Night - Disc 5

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2.Married... with Children
4.King of the hill
5.All Tom Green Show dvd's
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Another vote for Sports Night.
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1. (tie) family guy, red dwarf

some other funny shows I would buy that I am not obsessed with to round it out to 5:

kids in the hall
invader zim ...someday soon
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Sport's Night
Family Guy
Mr. Bean
Curb Your Enthusiasm (really soon on DVD, YAY!)
Friends/ Simpsons (tie)
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Soap (my favorite all time TV show)
Monty Python
Red Dwarf
Clerks animated

and eagerly awaiting Green Acres season 1 next week. Gods I love Green Acres, a show I found funnier the older I got.
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King of Queens.
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This is really tough to narrow down. In no particular order:

*The Office 1 & 2 (R2)
*Spaced 1 & 2 (R2)
*Mr. Show 1-3
*Strangers With Candy 1-2
*Futurama 1-4 (R2)

honorable mentions: Ben Stiller Show, Upright Citizens Brigade, Kids in the Hall, The Young Ones
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Wow, no love in this thread for one of the best sitcoms of all-time, so let me make a toast to:

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