Married with Children ... Complete 2nd Season

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Married with Children ... Complete 2nd Season

Married with Children .. The Complete 2nd Season has been announced for March 16 , 2004. It is up for pre-order at here in Canada.

Let's hope the picture quality is a little bit better than it was for the Complete First Season.
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Woohoo!! Only 4 months after Season 1!

Thanks for posting this!

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woo hoo
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There is a divine being!
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Held off on season one, to see if they was going to release this in a timely manner. This answers my question. Will buy season one this weekend and wait for season two.
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wasn't season 2 the season where some idiot complained about the content (sorry, i don't know much of the details, i saw it on a E true hollywood story)
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According to, that was Her Cups Runneth Over, from season 3.

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Yep, and here's the story:

The show had a small, loyal following until February 1989, and the producers had a history of arguments over taste and language with FOX's lone, part-time network censor. One episode, "A Period Piece" in which the Bundy and Rhoades families go camping, was delayed one month in the broadcast schedule because it focused on the women's menstrual cycles. Two months later, the episode scheduled for 19 February 1989, "I'll See You in Court," was pulled from the schedule and never aired on the FOX network. The episode involved sexual videotapes of Marcy and Steve, which Al and Peggy viewed when they rented a sleazy motel room. When both couples realized their activity at the motel was broadcast to other rooms, they sued. The jury chose to compensate the couples for their performance quality, with Al and Peggy getting no money.

That same winter, two weeks after "A Period Piece," an episode titled "Her Cups Runneth Over" led to a social stir. The segment featured Peggy's need for a new brassiere, which coincided with her birthday. Al and Steve traveled to a lingerie shop in Wisconsin where an older male receptionist wore nothing below his waist but panties, a garter belt, stockings and spike heeled shoes. Steve fingered leather-fringed falsies attached to the nipples of one near-naked mannequin; women flashed Al and Steve, though the nudity was not shown on camera.

One television viewer, Terry Rakolta, from the wealthy Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan took offense at the show after the brassiere episode. She saw her children watching the program and found both the language and partial nudity unacceptable for viewing during a time when children made up a large portion of the audience. Rakolta acted by writing to advertisers and asking them to question the association of their products with Married...With Children's content. She also brought her cause to national television news shows.

In March 1989 Rakolta said on Nightline, "I picked on Married...With Children because they are so consistently offensive. They exploit women, they stereotype poor people, they're anti-family. And every week that I've watched them, they're worse and worse. I think this is really outrageous. It's sending the wrong messages to the American family."

Rakolta had mixed success. Advertisers such as major movie studios and many retail stores refused to buy commercials on the new FOX network (prime time telecasts had started less than two years earlier). Media brokers cited a bad connotation. Newsweek magazine featured a front page story on "Trash TV" questioning the standards of taste in prime time television. Married...With Children and tabloid news shows such as A Current Affair were primary examples. Yet the greater effect was strongly positive.

Among FOX's greatest problems at the time of the controversy was limited viewer awareness. Many viewers simply did not know a fourth network existed. Related to this was the fact that a small, similar viewing group comprised FOX's entire audience. Moreover many FOX stations had weak UHF signals which were difficult to receive. Rakolta's complaints garnered substantial national publicity and this seemed to assist the network in solving many of its difficulties. After Nightline, Good Morning America, Today and most other national and local news shows featured the controversy over Married...With Children viewer awareness rose dramatically. People purposely sought out their local FOX affiliate and Married...With Children became a success.
Whoa Bundy baby!
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I remember watching this show as it aired, and one of my good friends who loved ths show, wasn't allowed by his parents to watch it. This started in middle school, but continued on to high school. Seems so tame these days those.

Great news though on Season 2
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"Let's Rock"

Al Bundy
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Greatest news of my life

... off to the nudie bar
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Which was the first season to star Kelly's nipples?
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Cover art:

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link dont work
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That's weird; it worked for me, although I did have to hit refresh.

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*tears of happiness*
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that coverart isn't bad, Peg's look is kinda "whory" though
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The Bundy's are back! Experience more fun from the Bundy family as they attempt to survive a generally miserable, middle-class existence. Meanwhile, their next-door neighbors, Steve and Marcy Rhoades, try to keep their property values from plummeting!

Married...with Children - The Complete 2nd Season hits stores on March 16th in a 3-DVD set. Look for 22 episodes at a running time of 508 minutes.

This season includes such classic episodes as the parachuting mall Santa that lands at the Bundy back yard, the one where Marcy tries to convince Steve to shave a beard, and the first visit of Peggy's family from Wanker County. This was also the season that featured "Peggy Loves Al, Yeah Yeah Yeah", which - when first aired - gave viewers the opportunity to call in and vote for what Al should say at the end of the show to Peggy. Since multiple endings had to be shot for this Valentine's Day episode, it will be interesting to see how it's handled on DVD.

If all of that weren't enough, Columbia is celebrating Easter about a month early with this release, and plans to send purchasers on an Easter Egg hunt. There will be approximately 20 Easter Eggs hidden throughout the 3 DVDs, each egg featuring an interview with the cast. Good luck, and good hunting!

Look for a full-screen presentation with English soundtrack, and closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Don't forget, that hits home on March 16, 2004, at a list price this time out of $39.95.

Link to this page:
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Married with Children Season 2 Episodes
1. Poppy's By the Tree (1)
2. Poppy's By the Tree (2)
3. If I Were a Rich Man
4. Buck Can Do It
5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1)
6. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (2)
7. For Whom the Bell Tolls
8. Born to Walk
9. Alley of the Dolls
10. The Razor's Edge
11. How do You Spell Revenge?
12. Earth Angel
13. You Better Watch Out
14. Guys and Dolls
15. Build a Better Mousetrap
16. Master the Possibilities
17. Peggy Loves Al, Yeah Yeah, Yeah
18. The Great Escape
19. Im-Po-Dent
20. Just Married ... With Children
21. Father Lode
22. All in the Family
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