Best way to sell 250 DVDs?

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Best way to sell 250 DVDs?

I realized a while ago that I never watch my DVDs. Life's just too busy, and my interests have shifted. I've built up a decent collection over the past five years, but I stopped watching them a year ago. It's gotten to the point where I'd like to sell them, even taking a considerable loss over their purchase value.

So I've been considering my options:

  • Used DVD store. Easiest option, but I'm sure I'll get completely ripped off on the trade-in value, so I won't even consider this one.
  • Individual auctions on eBay (, etc.) Probably good value, but managing 250 auctions is going to be a huge pain in the ass, and the fees will be ridiculous.
  • Large-set auctions (like 50 DVDs) on eBay. Management and auction fees will be better, but I'll probably lose a good deal of the value.
  • List them on a website, like the DVD FS/FT forum here. Probably a good bet, and completely free anyway.

Anyone else try the same thing? What was your experience like?

- David Stein
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I have been thinking of selling part of my collection also. I would recommend starting it by listing here then sell what is left on ebay.
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Let me know what you come up with. I too would like to eliminate a large portion of my collection but the thought of that many auctions on ebay intimidates me. What might work is first putting titles here on dvdtalk for a while then what doesn't sell goes right to ebay.
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i would post here first, with a minumum number of DVDs/order. like "choose 5" or something. i have sold large amounts of vinyl, and the only way per piece auctions are worth it is if the items are rare.

this drives home the beauty of DVD bargains, eh? if your average is $9/disc, then it's easier to sell them for $10 per. but people who pay even Best Buy prices will never make their money back.
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Post it on dvdtalk... whatever doesn't sell, sell it on ebay.
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i'd recommend the fees (15%) are kind of lame, but it's much easier to manage many items...not to mention the avoidance of listing and typing descriptions for 250 items on ebay. i've done very well on half selling textbooks, videogames, and DVDs. you simply list items by isbn and they are there till they sell. there is also a really handy repricing mode in which you can view all of your items and compare with what other folks are listing for, which allows you to price competitively.

finally, there is no paypal/check nonsense to deal with. in fact, you never really have to interact with buyers at all as long as you're an honest seller.

buy your bubble mailers in bulk...wish i could remember the place i bought mine, but i think i got 100 for about $24. a return address stamp might also be a good investment.

whichever way you go, good luck.
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Auction them off for @@@
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Haven't posted in a while, but I'm gonna tell you my experience-

Recently I've been faced with the same thing- selling sme of my big collection because, 1, never watch them, 2, need the cash at the moment. In the past I have done very well with the dvdtalk exchange forum (gold trader, etc), but it seems that this last time I listed them, I did not receive any imput, offers or anything of the sort. Prices were from 10 to $12, including shipping. I have some boxsets, OOP and others that would fetch more, but I kept the prices fairly low because I need the money. Still nothing, so I ended up selling a lot of my individual titles though an online dvdshop that I've used many times before...what they offered me was in the 8.50 to $11.50 per DVD, but imagine that collecting since '98, never paid more than that per DVD myself; no loss, but little gain. So in the end I will probably still list the boxes and special ones here in the xchange forum, but the guys at were good enough for me to take the cash at the moment. Depends on what you want and how fast; ebay or half, like others have mentioned work fine, but there's the time and fees. cheers.
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i'd buy the lot for $20 sight unseen. Now isn't that the easiest way?
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Just send them to me and I'll give you what I think they are worth. That works for me.
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auction individually, you'll probably get the most money out of it.
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if you are considering putting them up in lumps or on the FS/FT boards I highly recomend compiling a list of what you have in Work, or some program and be ready to list it or email it out because no one will just buy a lump of DVDs without complete lists of titles.
Also, a lot of people will want the lists and it's easier than having to type out a ton of names each time.

Good luck!
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Let me know what you have, and I might be interested...
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1. Send me your list
2. I'll provide you my price to a certain DVDs
3. Sell the remaining on Ebay
4. If I were you, then avoid selling them to a local shop. You'll lose a lot of money from them. I have done so...they would pay me $5 for a DVD, and then they would sell it back for $13.99. If you put it on Ebay..then you can probably get it for $8-$10 and you make the buyer pay shipping for like $2. Even though Ebay takes money from you for their'll still be ahead vs. selling them to a local store. But...if you're too busy for Ebay, then maybe you can ask a family member to do it for you who is unemployed at home?
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Actually, I've sold a lot of my old DVDs on Amazon Marketplace and I've gotten good prices for them. If you don't mind the trouble of constantly having to pack and ship stuff, then I'd advise Amazon Marketplace as you'll usually sell your DVD for higher than on Ebay since you don't have to wait for the end of the bid.

Amazon's new DVDs are so overpriced, and that is what makes the Marketplace my choice to sell an unwanted DVD.
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I took a list to work (with prices) and posted it in the break room. If your employer doesn't mind, this is a great way to unload; good prices for you and them, and no shipping.
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Just send them to me if you don't want them!!!!!!!!
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I give you 5 dolla...
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I give some to my little brother. A few of the turkeys, I'm able to sell or trade to my father. HEHEHE!

The real stinkers I'm just going to throw them away.

I see it like my old record and 8-track collection. Once gone, good riddance.
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You should try selling the whole lot at once on ebay, but put a reserve on it. About two years ago I sold 200 dvds on ebay and got $2000. If the reserve isn't met then you aren't obligated to sell but at least you'll have an idea of what your collection is worth.

Good luck!
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If you list them all in one eBay auction you'd average about $10 a DVD. I wouldn't recommend a reserve though as those usually just annoy bidders. If you're looking for more than $10 a DVD then you're going to have to take the time to list them individually. Good luck in any choice you make...sorry to see you getting rid of your collection.
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I sell most of my stuff on but that avenue is not going to be available for much longer. You can get a pretty good price for anything except new release hit movies (of which the market is flooded by rentals) and you don't have to worry about managing auctions.

If you get a bunch of 37/60/83 cent stamps and a box of yellow envelopes that is all that you will need to send dvd's in the mail. As someone who has bought and sold thousands of items through the net, I highly recommend skipping padded envelopes for most things, especially dvd's. Put something IN the case to keep the dvd from coming loose (a tissue or wad of toilet paper is perfect) and you have a pretty good packaging system. Don't do this with the cardboard case dvd's though.

First class mail for one dvd is five ounces, a 37 cent stamp plus four 23 cent stamps.
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i'd recommend keeping the high priced items (boxed sets, Salo CC's, etc), and then sell the rest of them in big bundles on eBay. divide them into categories like Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, etc. and put similar movies together. if you want to do it the easy way, sell all the cheap ones together in one huge lot (probably 200 or so), but thet amount that you'll get will vary

check out some of the prices that they're selling for here

of course, if you have a lot of time, then list them individually, since you'll get the most out of it, but it's just a huge pain to sell that many single titles, IMO.
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Listing a single auction is only .30 cents, add that cost additionaly to your shipping so you dont pay it...

Now use something like Microsoft front page, make a cool template with all your selling information. Then simply cut and paste from DVD profiler the dvd information your buyers can read. The only pain in the but would be taking individual digi pics of each DVD. I would never buy a DVD on ebay if there wasnt a photo to look at...

I sold a bunch this way and cleared over 35 hundred... There is no other way...

Its not to hard to manage if you want to make money... you need to work a little
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The Flea Market is the key. I sold about 300 VHS titles there in about three sundays. Now with dvds leading the market, it shouldnt be too hard to sell them
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