Worst cover art quote ever!

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Worst cover art quote ever!

"Return To Oz picks up where the original masterpiece The Wizard Of Oz ended..." - Rex Reed

...as if the title didnt give it away. Surely someone must have said something good about the movie!
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That is pretty bad. But then again so is the movie.
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No, THIS has the worst quote
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No way, I was always a big fan of "Return to Oz". Captured the spirit of the book much better the the original.
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This is one of my favorite cover blurbs:

It looks like it's from a review. It even has an ellipsis in it. But, nope, just some random crap that New Line made up.

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Yeah, don't be dissing Return to Oz! Love that film.
I'm one of those rare people who really dislikes the cutesy musical.

Hmmm, did Disney just do a re-release? Never seen that cover art before.
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Yeah, that Lake Placid one is rather pathetic.
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This is my favorite...I think it's pretty good. It's on the back of the Ichi the Killer DVD though.

"...Ichi is probably the Citizen Kane of arterial spray movies, or at least the Casablanca."
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Worst Quote Ever!
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Originally posted by dryars
Worst Quote Ever!
I don't understand... where is the quote?

I see a tagline, sure, but no quote.
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Animal House on Ice?
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Originally posted by uNCSUcks

Animal House on Ice?
I always love a good Ice Show. I hope they have Goofy
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Originally posted by flashburn

If only I could.
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Originally posted by RussG
If only I could.
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Quit trying to one up the Oz one fellas. You can't beat something that good (bad?)!!

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Equilibrium is the worst. Thats final.
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Ah well, I have the original release of this film. And the only quote is on the back side and it says:

"... a magical film for the child in everyone." -Video Movie Guide

And I prefer the original cover art as well. How can you compared this film to the original wizard of oz? You simply can't. It's a completely different type of film. It's weird and creepy, darker, and adventurous more along the lines of a 'Neverending Story' kind of way.
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on the Captain Ron dvd cover it just says "Funny"

How corny is that
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I enjoyed Lake Placid and thought it did balance comedy and scares pretty well.
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Originally posted by jayson1017
Equilibrium is the worst. Thats final.
No doubt. Damn poser. It looks so bad, I don't even want netflix to waste their money mailing me the DVD.

So I'm checking out this Nude Yoga & Tai Chi and came across this other DVD called Totally Nude Aerobics. The button on it is awesome, "Special - Bonus Close-up Camera Inserts." Wow.

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Yay outcold was awesome, yeah that is a weird quote though
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I always thought the one on Evil Dead II was pretty sad, where Roger Ebert gave it 3 stars. If that's the best you can do, maybe it's better not to have anything. That's like having " 'Slightly above average!' raves the New York Post."
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Originally posted by Mondo Kane

Hell yes it is.
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