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slop101 12-24-03 12:23 PM

- Your DVD Of The Year Thread -
Just pick your favorite SINGLE release of the year - it could be a box set, or just a single disc.

My pick:

Fassbinder's BRD Trilogy from Criterion:

3 excellent films, remastered, looking and sounding phenomenal and each loaded with insightful extras such as commentaries and more. A 4th disc focusing on the director, Ranier Fassbinder, along with a huge booklet giving even more insight to the films.

from this review: http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/brdtrilogy.php
"As a package, I will go out on a limb and declare that this is likely Criterion's best-ever release. Given the quality of the films, the excellent anamorphic transfers, the exhaustive, entertaining, and insightful interviews and commentaries, three essential features, the 53-page booklet, and the integrated, artful design concept, the Criterion team has once again raised the bar for excellence. "

runner up: TT:EE

TomOpus 12-24-03 12:43 PM

I already mentioned this in the 2003 Q4 thread:

Alien Quadrilogy... facehuggers unite :)

Samuel 12-24-03 12:46 PM

Tenacious D Masterworks

REL77 12-24-03 12:55 PM

once again, got to give it up to TTT:EE Collectors Edition for DVD of the year

ernestrp 12-24-03 01:07 PM

The Kids Are Alright: Special Edition

Doughboy 12-24-03 01:12 PM

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Amazing restoration and transfer for a 65 year-old film. Tons of cool supplements including a commentary(I think it's the same one from the Criterion LD, but I'm not sure), multiple documentaries, outtakes, trailers, animated shorts, and even an isolated music track. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that this is one of the greatest motion pictures ever made.

PJsig08 12-24-03 01:21 PM

Originally posted by REL77
once again, got to give it up to TTT:EE Collectors Edition for DVD of the year
:thumbsup: No contest

DeeKay 12-24-03 01:54 PM

TTT:EE Collectors Edition - hands down, without a doubt.

El-Kabong 12-24-03 02:05 PM

You want a 'no contest', I've got a series for you:


Really any of the Doctor Who discs released this year are worthy. The quality that these discs shine with would put *ANY* other TV show to shame.

First is the full restoration job to the show that makes this 40 year old TV show look like it was shot yesterday - quite the feat considering that the BBC doesnt even have the orignal broadcast masters.

The extras are piled high and deep. Commentary for every episode from surviving cast and crew, trailers thought long lost, easter eggs that poke fun at the show, pop-up text commentary, clips from other TV shows at the time about Who, and documentaries about the show.

Oh, and the actual show itself is pretty cool too. Daleks kick ass.

Given all that, wrapped up in a neat package, how any other DVD can hope to top it, I just dont know.

Coral 12-24-03 02:09 PM

No contest:

Tie between Three Colours Trilogy and Adventures of Antoine Doniel: CC (Truffaut Boxset)

smirnoffski 12-24-03 02:10 PM

The Warner Legends collection.

Aphex Twin 12-24-03 02:10 PM

The Chris Cunningham Director's series disc.

dentam 12-24-03 02:20 PM

Originally posted by ernestrp
The Kids Are Alright: Special Edition

atari2600 12-24-03 02:26 PM

Originally posted by Coral
No contest:

Tie between Three Colours Trilogy and Adventures of Antoine Doniel: CC (Truffaut Boxset)

so it IS a contest...

Coral 12-24-03 02:27 PM

Originally posted by atari2600
so it IS a contest...
:D ;)

ETILIM19 12-24-03 02:28 PM

I agree the Warner legend Collection and Indiana Jones with the Lion King for me where this years best releases.

Libby 12-24-03 03:14 PM

Xmen collection

edytwinky 12-24-03 03:15 PM

WWE Ric Flair Collection

ProjectMayhem 12-24-03 03:28 PM

Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Edition. Some of the most, best and most informative extras I've ever seen. I truly love this set.

PatrickMcCart 12-24-03 03:40 PM

The Lon Chaney Collection and Phantom of the Opera: Ultimate Edition

Pants 12-24-03 03:58 PM

I love how after five years of all the "When will it be released?" and "I want it now!" threads, not very many people have mentioned the clear winner:

Indiana Jones Trilogy

It beats out the Criterion Devil and Daniel Webster, Bergman Trilogy, and Throne of Blood.



slop101 12-24-03 04:55 PM

Wow almost everything mentioned is pretty great - so has this been the best dvd year so far?

I guess because of advancing technology, every year is better than the one before it...

shawagg 12-24-03 04:59 PM

The Chaplin Collection Vol 1

Now go buy it so WB will release Vol 2!!!

William Fuld 12-24-03 05:34 PM

by Brakhage: An Anthology

William Fuld 12-24-03 05:38 PM

Originally posted by shawagg
The Chaplin Collection Vol 1

Now go buy it so WB will release Vol 2!!!

Vol. 2 is coming March 2.

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