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rjholder 12-20-03 05:28 PM

Front Row Ent. Flash Gordon DVD's
On two occasions now, I have purchased a
two disc set of "Flash Gordon Conquers the
Universe", in a slipcase, made by Front Row
Entertainment in Canada. The DVD's are
not only unplayable, but also unreadable!
Neither my computer DVD-ROM drive or my
JVC DVD player recognizes either disc from
either set.
Every other DVD I have ever bought plays
fine on both. What in heck is the deal
with this company and their products?

Have any of you ever bought a DVD movie
from this company that does work?
Is there another source for this set of
serials on DVD at a reasonable price?
This is from the late 30's, with Buster Crabbe
as Flash Gordon.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

sparks 12-20-03 07:27 PM

Yeah, the 3 from Image(Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe; Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars and Space Soldiers)...they all look great!

rjholder 12-20-03 08:25 PM

Thanks for your input on the Image Entertainment
DVD's. I went to their website and found the three
serials on DVD, with a list price of $30 each, or a box
set of all 3 for $80. That's a bit more than I wanted
to spend, so if there is another version that is of
good quality and sells for less, I'd appreciate a

NavinJohnson 12-20-03 11:02 PM

rjholder, just scroll to the top of this page and click the link to DeepDiscountDVD. The Image box set (3 DVDs) is in stock there for only $58.52 with Media Mail shipping.

rjholder 12-27-03 07:09 AM

Followup: I installed an older DVD-ROM drive,
a Pioneer slot-load unit made in '99, and tried playing
the Flash Gordon movies using this drive.
This drive is perfectly capable of playing these DVD's!

I'm very surprised that a 4 year old DVD-ROM drive
can handle these discs where more recent drives
and DVD player cannot read them at all!

At least now I get to watch the serials!

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