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DVD Josh 12-02-03 12:20 PM

Do you like commentary tracks?
I have to say, I'm not a huge fan. I try to like them, but I just can't into them. Perhaps the only one I've really ever cared for is the live commentary on the UCB disc, where they answer questions and give some interesting tidbits about the show. But I couldn't imagine going through a whole movie (again). I guess there are some movies where I'd like to know more (like Braveheart) but just to listen to a commentary for the sake of it is just not my game.

What about the rest of you?

cruzness 12-02-03 12:25 PM

I will put an audio commentary on in the background while I am cleaning or cooking, or whwnever I am doing something that does not require me to be watching TV. Some are funny, some are informative and some suck. Overall I enjoy them.

B.S.Preston,ESQ 12-02-03 12:26 PM

Well I have to really like the movie to listen to a commentray. And it sucks that sometimes movies I desperately actually want a commentary for does not have one like "Signs." or any M Night movie for that matter.

Or if I hear the track is really funny like Clerks I will listen. I have probably listened to about 20% of the commentray tracks on the discs I have.

talemyn 12-02-03 12:29 PM

I sort of feel the same thing (as wfujosh) . . . I've never actually watched a movie all the way through with the commentary on (although, the parts of it that I saw on The Goonies disc were pretty funny). I think part of it is that I feel like I really need to know the movie prety well before I can appreciate the commentary, because you can't always tell what's going on in the movie (conversationally) when the commentary track is on. There are not a ton of movie that I feel like I know well enough to do that.

It's unfortunate though, because I think I would enjoy the information, stories, jokes, etc. I plan on trying it with some in the future (LOTR especially) but, the other problem is that I also have a stack of "have not watched yet" DVD's to go through and I can imagine watching commentary tracks on ones I've seen while I have a bunch that I haven't seen at all yet.

Don't get me wrong though . . . I like the idea, I just don't feel like I can take advantage of it.

Edit: Ooooh . . . cruzness . . . I like the idea of listening while doing other stuff. I may have to try that.

B.S.Preston,ESQ 12-02-03 12:34 PM

I actually tried to listen to them while working out but it just didnt work for me. :)

MasterofDVD 12-02-03 12:39 PM

If you throw commentary track on an average DVD it really increases my interest in that movie. I'm way behind in listening to the ones I have but it just means I have to listen to more each week and I'm fine with that.

There are a few tracks I've made a note of because they are so good. I listen to them once a year or so and I enjoy them more and more each year.

talemyn 12-02-03 12:43 PM

Originally posted by MasterofDVD
There are a few tracks I've made a note of because they are so good. I listen to them once a year or so and I enjoy them more and more each year.
Care to share?

fumanstan 12-02-03 01:37 PM

I love them, although i don't get around to listening/watching all of them like i should.

lesterlong 12-02-03 01:44 PM

Yes all of the ones I've listened to were incredibly informative. I think you have to have a strong interest in the movie or the person giving the commentary to be able to sit through an entire movie. I would highly recommend Steven Soderberg's commentaries. Highly informative and entertaining.

nodeerforamonth 12-02-03 02:01 PM


matome 12-02-03 02:07 PM

I don't even have enough time to watch new discs as they come in, so I rarely ever listen to commentaries and I'm not too bummed about it to be honest. Maybe if I didn't have to work during the day...

MasterofDVD 12-02-03 02:12 PM

Originally posted by talemyn
Care to share?
All Kevin Smith movies
Fight Club

Those are my top favorites.

Geofferson 12-02-03 02:13 PM

Yup - I listen to them while at work every so often.

MEJHarrison 12-02-03 02:14 PM

I'd prefer that information be contained in a seperate feature on the disc. I find those much more interesting and for most commentaries I don't think you'd be missing much. Sometimes I'll put on a commentary and then mute the TV and channel surf while listening.

zerotl 12-02-03 02:16 PM

I'm not a big commentary watcher/listener, but a couple of the ones I really enjoyed>>

Finding Nemo
Toy Story

Still haven't seen/listened to the casablanca and citizen kane commentaries. Anyone else care to share their favs?

Kinyo 12-02-03 02:17 PM

I don't really know if I like them or not cause I've never listened to one before but I might try it sometime.

island007 12-02-03 02:19 PM

I never played a commentary track, and I still have about 100 unwatched movies. I keep saying some....day.

Groucho 12-02-03 02:20 PM

I really like the technical commentaries, but I think I'm in the minority because those are usually dismissed as boring.

Roger Ebert gives good commentary too. I'd love to hear him do some on movies he hates. :lol:

When the South Park commentaries came out on CD I took them to work and listened to them there. It actually worked really well. I'm thinking about ripping some commentaries I haven't heard off my DVD's and doing the same thing with those.

RalphWiggum80 12-02-03 02:23 PM

I like having commentary tracks, as it gives you a lot of insight about any movie you enjoy. I don't listen to all of them, but I have listened to all the Simpson ones, and those are great. You learn a lot from them and they're usually really funny. I also want to listen to the LOTR ones.

The most informative one I have listened to is Roger Ebert's commentary on Citizen Kane. It gave me an understanding as to why that film is considered so great. I think its hard to appreciate old films in this era, so I'm sure Citizen Kane has been lost on many generations.

I always watch commentaries while watching the movies with subtitles on. I think I tried just listening to them, but it wasn't quite the same..

EDIT: For all you people who have never watched commentaries, try to watch the commentary on your favorite movie. You'll probably learn a lot, and since its your favorite you probably won't mind watching it again,

BassDude 12-02-03 02:25 PM

Love 'em. Just don't have the time anymore to listen to them.

Might try some of the suggestions above.

celluloidwisdom 12-02-03 02:31 PM

I like 'em. Favorites include "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "This is Spinal Tap," and "Chasing Amy."

Rammsteinfan 12-02-03 02:34 PM

I really like them. I wish more movies could have them. I do the same, just put them on when I go to bed, work on the computer or around the house and just listen. A must for any extra.

saoirse 12-02-03 02:37 PM

The Driller Killer commentary cracks me up every time.

PalmerJoss 12-02-03 02:46 PM

I love them. I will listen/watch them whenever I get the chance, but my problem is after I've seen the movie I usually want to move onto another title that is in my backlog rather than rewatch the film with a commentary track.

That is precisely my problem with the TTT:EE. I've already watched it twice: once normally, the other with PJ's commentary on. Now that I have the Alien set I want to get through all of the movies and bonus material in that, in addition to Pirates and Alias. I have no idea when I will get a chance to sit down and watch TTT:EE with one of the other 3 commentary tracks. So, mostly it's just a time issue with me. If I had more time I would listen to more of them.

marty888 12-02-03 02:52 PM

Love 'em (with a few exceptions) - just about my favorite "extra" on a DVD.

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