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shill66 11-14-03 11:53 AM

What classic concert videos need to be released on DVD?
When I browse the music DVD racks these days, I'm usually disappointed that if there is a concert DVD from an artist I enjoy, it's usually something recent and thus often (but not always) less enticing. There are some terrific classic concert videos out there that I'd love to see on DVD. I'm thrilled that "Rust Never Sleeps" made it, and now I want to see...

Dire Straits - Alchemy - one of those concert videos that I still watch at least once a year. This would be my top choice.

Elton John - Live in Australia (1987) with the Melbourne Symphony - this is one that I've never seen, but I have the CD and it's great.

The Cure in Orange - a vital concert that's available on VHS, laserdisc and Video CD... but not DVD!

U2 Live at Red Rocks - Under a Blood Red Sky - I'm not as much into U2 as I was when this came out, but I'd still like to see it on DVD.

The Revolting Cocks - You Goddamned Son of a Bitch - I have a copy somewhere, but I sure don't know where it is. Enjoyable, and great songs too. This is my "would love it, but it'll never happen" selection. (But then, I never thought we'd see Skinny Puppy's Aint it Dead Yet on DVD either.)

What are some of your choices?

RobCA 11-14-03 11:59 AM

10,000 Maniacs - MTV Unplugged - I used to have it on VHS. Wish I'd kept it.


darkflounder 11-14-03 12:03 PM

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder

Urgh! A Music War

Decline of Western Civilization Part I and II

Turd Ferguson 11-14-03 12:11 PM

Rush- Exit Stage Left
Rush- Different Stages

Mutley Hyde 11-14-03 12:12 PM

All of the KISS Proshots! Dangit!

wordtoyamotha 11-14-03 12:24 PM

AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

Mudhead 11-14-03 12:26 PM

I wouldn've dreamed I'd see a Psychic TV concert - but it's coming out in December - Black Joy

I second Urgghh A Music War - that is so friggin' cool, it hasn't been on video since the 70's - let's add additional foogage!

Lokimok 11-14-03 12:36 PM

Tom Waits' Big Time

Also Bob Dylan's Renaldo & Clara - though that's more than just a concert movie

These aren't classics, but I'd like to see more complete episodes of MTV Unplugged, Sessions at West 54th, Austin City Limits, & maybe some of those 70s shows I've never seen (Don Kirshner, etc & the shows from Britain & Germany). No more best of compilations.

HoNuts 11-14-03 01:12 PM

Nirvana. Any release will do. Just PLEASE RELEASE SOMETHING!!!!

Hammer99 11-14-03 01:23 PM

They never made it to VHS (video) but:

Ladies And Gentlemen The Rolling Stones
Hard Rain

Lokimok 11-14-03 01:56 PM

Originally posted by Hammer99
They never made it to VHS (video) but:

Hard Rain

Oh yeah. It would be really cool if this came out with the show they taped a month before as a bonus.

I'd also like to see Neil Young's Freedom - but it's short so I'd love an expanded edition or combined with a collection of videos or something.

The Velvet Underground reunion video from 93 (I think). I've never seen it. Or maybe some Lou Reed - like the live video of New York or something...

Semi-related: Let It Be

Jack Straw 11-14-03 02:03 PM

Sting - Bring on the Night

scarredgod 11-14-03 02:08 PM

Cyndi Lauper - Live in Paris

and i second Tom Waits - Big Time

Disc-Flipper 11-14-03 02:09 PM

Pet Shop Boys - Performance
Pet Shop Boys - Live in Rio
Toyah - Live

William Fuld 11-14-03 02:11 PM

Van Morrison: The Concert

Damage 11-14-03 02:17 PM

Originally posted by Turd Ferguson
Rush- Exit Stage Left
Rush- Different Stages

Here, here! Hear, hear! I was thinking the exact same thing.

There was also an old Paul Di'Anno era Iron Maiden concert I remember having on a Beta tape from the MAIDEN JAPAN tour I believe... that would be too cool.

Whatever happened to BLACK AND BLUE, the BOC/Sabbath concert movie that was supposed to be on DVD earlier this year?

cornbetts 11-14-03 02:43 PM

Madonna - Blonde Ambition

Van Halen - Balance Tour

gutwrencher 11-14-03 02:53 PM

Allan Holdsworth-Live In Japan
Frank Zappa(any and all)
Marillion-Misplaced Childhood Tour
Robin Trower(any)

shill66 11-14-03 02:57 PM

Marillion-Misplaced Childhood Tour
Was there ever a video of this? I did see a copy of "Recital of the Script" on the Tower shelf today, at least that's out.

gutwrencher 11-14-03 03:01 PM

Originally posted by shill66
Was there ever a video of this? I did see a copy of "Recital of the Script" on the Tower shelf today, at least that's out.
at one point....there had to been. I watched it at a friends house in 1989 on tape. dont remember anything about the tape really..except it did have nice artwork on the case cover. never saw it again after moving away and have never seen it for sale anywhere. I'd love to have it though!! I might check out the one you mention...hope it's vintage stuff.

Gil Jawetz 11-14-03 03:23 PM

Originally posted by Lokimok
Tom Waits' Big Time

They were working on remastering this for theatrical/DVD years ago but I have no idea what happened. The source material was pretty rough, I believe.

And Nirvana UNplugged is surely lost in Courtney-hell but it's a must.

Nabalab 11-14-03 03:50 PM

Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan (available on cd, never official released on VHS, but there's video of it somewhere)

U2 - Live from Mexico City 1997 (Popmart tour already on VHS)

Billy Joel - Live from Long Island (released on VHS in the early 80's, long out of print)

Cleopatra Jones 11-14-03 03:53 PM


I'd heard back in the spring that the DVD was to be out this Fall, but still haven't heard a word.

Josh-da-man 11-14-03 04:05 PM

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

fnordboy 11-14-03 04:49 PM

Great News on the Psychic TV release in December. I was not aware of this. :):up:

I will second Tom Waits - Big Time, such a great film.

Wouldn't mind the Maiden Japan era Iron Maiden concert and/or Live After Death.

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