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ChrisHicks 10-15-03 07:29 PM

any way to get a replacement sleeve for TCM?
because of those damn security stickers CC uses my cover was severely damaged. and trying to use Goo Gone only made matters worse. it strips the black color right of the sleeve to make it partially see thru. is there a way to contact Pioneer to purchase a replacement sleeve?

Ginwen 10-15-03 09:59 PM

Turner Classic Movies?

Edit: Oh, I bet you mean Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Am I right? Can't help you, sorry.

ChrisHicks 10-15-03 10:12 PM

yeah, sorry. texas chainsaw massacre.

whynotsmile 10-17-03 10:03 PM


Dammit!!! I bought mine thinking it was a reversable cover. It was just the amary case, no slip cover. I hated the front look of the movie and wanted that meat packaged one. I was sad when It was no where to be found on my copy.

Looks like I'm just as interested in you for that slip case

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