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tgenius 09-30-03 06:02 PM

Scarface sold out ALL across South Miami,FL
I've been to Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.. ALL sold out of Scarface, and all sold out within hours of store openings.. I ended up just buying it now on circuitcity.com for 17.11 shipped. Unreal I tell ya!

Gioman 09-30-03 06:32 PM


I guess my chances of finding it in Hialeah/Miami Lakes are slim to none, eh?

I was hoping to pick up the box set.

johnglad 09-30-03 07:50 PM

The people at Best Buy today said it was OUTSELLING 2 Fast 2 Furious by a huge margin. There was a ton of pent up demand, and the bootlegs didn't keep people away!!

Mittman 09-30-03 08:02 PM

I never cared for the film, but I am going to buy it in case I ever get to be on Cribs.

DVD Polizei 09-30-03 08:28 PM

If Scarface is outselling 2 Fast 2 Furious, then I guess Scarface must be one of those greater than great movies.

I mean, if it's outselling 2 Fast 2 Furious (the obviously stellar cast and musical score of 2F2F was just amazing--comparible to Rogers & Hammerstein's greatest musical achievements even), and was taken over by the simple cast of an 80's movie Scarface and Gorgio Moroder's score, then the people at Best Buy really do have a knowledge and 6th sense of acting talent, I can only hope to grasp when I watch movies.

Tha Freak 09-30-03 08:46 PM

DVD Polizei ?
sarcasm?? ;)

Jericho 09-30-03 08:48 PM

I know there were a ton at the Walmart I was at, but it will be interesting to see how this sells. catalog titles that aren't Disney usually don't seem to sell very well. What's the power of cribs?

tgenius 09-30-03 08:50 PM

I think it's pretty evident how cribs has influenced this. :D The more I think about it.. I'm not that surprised.. I mean.. I do live in Miami, FL.. where Scarface takes place ;)

dxwwf3 09-30-03 09:02 PM

I'd say it's selling out everywhere. Luckily I preordered mine on the net so I made sure that I would get a copy this week. I know for a fact that our local Circuit City sold out today by 5 pm. And that is in little Johnson City, TN not Miami, FL. So I'd say it's like that all over.

PloKoon 09-30-03 09:08 PM

It's sold out on circuitcity.com & my local Circuit City. The place was littered with copies of 2F2F, however.

Get Me Coffee 09-30-03 09:09 PM

A fleet of riced out Hondas bought all the 2F2F DVD in Full screen in Jersey

lesterlong 09-30-03 10:02 PM

Originally posted by White Knight
A fleet of riced out Hondas bought all the 2F2F DVD in Full screen in Jersey
riced out, huh?

Get Me Coffee 09-30-03 10:11 PM

rice= aftermarket upgrades that make the car look alittle toooo flashy.

Rogue588 09-30-03 10:30 PM

don't you mean "tricked" out..? :p

jessecrx 09-30-03 10:32 PM

Rice = Mods that are more for show than performance. IE a metal spoilers, stickers all over the place, euro lenses, Type R badges on a non Type R vehicle....

My local BB had tons of Scarface for sale :)

tikigod 09-30-03 10:50 PM

Was sold out this evening at my Best Buy. It was a sad, huge, empty display. I trotted over to Costco where they had about 8 copies. Upon further inspection they were fullscreen. I luckily found the lone widescreen copy left. Had to wait behind people with a billion items but it was worth it.

Jackskeleton 09-30-03 11:02 PM

was gone all day, hope the old folks in Palm Bay florida didn't pick it up at the local best buy.. ;)

grunter 09-30-03 11:50 PM

Good riddance.

Now maybe there'll be room on the shelves for a decent movie.


dvdnation 10-01-03 12:23 AM

they had like around 50 copies at the downtown SF Best Buy at 4:00 and a mess at the Wherehouse on Geary St.

lesterlong 10-01-03 12:30 AM

Originally posted by White Knight
rice= aftermarket upgrades that make the car look alittle toooo flashy.
I see, when I read 'rice' I immediately thought this was an Asian stereotype slang. I've heard the term 'rice' brought up before when talking about Hondas. Its just an odd coincidence.

Rogue588 10-01-03 12:38 AM

jeez lesterlong...

EVERYONE knows that
  • Hondas = Portugese
  • Toyota Corolla = Hispanics
  • and, umm...
that's all I got...:p

Turd Ferguson 10-01-03 01:01 AM

Great, now everyone can carry around a wad of food stamps in their "TM" money clip from the box set.

Rammsteinfan 10-01-03 01:09 AM

I gave it a rent tonight... never seen it. It was a good film but I dont think I will be buying it, no replay value for me.

wm lopez 10-01-03 03:07 AM

I message could have been sent if only the widescreens were sold out and only the full screens were left in stock.

The Bus 10-01-03 05:42 AM

Anyone else hear that the #1 DVD to be bought along with Scarface was Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Season 2?

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