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theDVDfreak 09-11-03 03:54 PM

Scream (anamorphic) region 0
I saw not that long ago Black Hawk Down (superbit deluxe) from Korea, region 0. I was wondering what other NTSC Korean disc that are available, region 0 that we cant get in the states. I found an anamorphic version of Scream.


I am curious if anyone has this and if is truly anamorphic and the package is not mislabeled. I have been waiting for a decent version for many years. It also list the "NG cut" Im not sure what that is. I know there is was an unrated cut on laserdisc, but never heard of NG before.

I also found a few others. Halloween 6: curse of Michael Myers, anamorphic


I think this is the "R" rated version of Caligula, but 16:9 and 5.1


Does someone has some input on these disc ? I hope they are really anamorphic and region free and will work in my dvd player.
Are there other Region 0, NTSC disc out there we've bee missing out on, anamorphic, dts options?

theDVDfreak 09-11-03 04:01 PM

Forgot one other. This is a box set of Evil Dead 1 & 2, region 0. It looks to have the same Book of the Dead look, but is this in a keepcase maybe and not the smelly oversized thing thats out now. The disc look to be the same thats available here.


HyPyke 09-11-03 07:43 PM

I bought the region 0 scream from Koreandvds.com. Unfortunately it looks terrible. It might be an upconvert from a non-anamorphic transfer or a Pal conversion. I don't know what it is but I have a 56" widescreen tv and this is the only anamorphic DVD with these kinds of problems. Drew's sweater in the first scenes shimmers horribly. There are compression artifacts galore.

Is it better than the non-anamorphic US dvd? Maybe. If it is it isn't by much.

jezza01 09-13-03 04:04 AM

the australian region 4 has anamorphic transfer & DTS audio....!!!!!!!!!


d2cheer 09-13-03 08:46 AM

Originally posted by jezza01
the australian region 4 has anamorphic transfer & DTS audio....!!!!!!!!!


Very good picture on that one also, I have it.

Giorgio 09-13-03 09:42 AM

but it ain't uncut, right?


jezza01 09-14-03 07:36 AM

Originally posted by Giorgio
but it ain't uncut, right?


Sadly no, but it's only 20 seconds & it's how it was released at the cinema.


Julie Walker 09-14-03 02:28 PM

Originally posted by jezza01
Sadly no, but it's only 20 seconds & it's how it was released at the cinema.


While it may be 'only' 20 seconds. It's not super graphic gore soaked footage(20 seconds to a F13th would be worth it,as it would add some super gruesome footage,so 20 seconds is not always 'minor'),but actually pretty minor tame bits of violence,which shows how stupid the MPAA is,as it could easily be R rated uncut!

Yet what I really love about the unrated version which I have on laserdisc. Is the soundtrack!

Excellent unaltered,loud as hell well mixed full of atmosphere,dread,subtle hints at the mystery making for quite an experiance.

I've seen the film in theaters,on tv,on video & on dvd...& yet when I watched the laserdisc for the first time. I noticed many pieces of music & sound FX I never heard before,that really made me appreciate the film even more.

Upon comparing some sequences to the R rated dvd. While the sound FX & music are there. They seem barely audible & surpressed.

I remember reading in Fango,where Craven talks about the troubles with the MPAA over the soundtrack being 'too instense' & how they had to 'tone down' the volume abit to get an R rating.

Now if you go 'looking' for the differences. You may not notice them or think 'big woop' it's there in the R version,no big difference. Yet if your familiar with the film & just watch it like you normally do. Some subtle hints should jump out at you & think "Hey..I never noticed that before!" since some stuff did seem to have a slightly louder pitch,more bass,more surround FX..just all around more lively activity.

A good example is when Dewey tells Gale "Your not scared are you?" upon asking if she wants to go search for that car down the road. This scene never gave me an uneasy feeling in all the times I saw the film. It just seemed routine.

Yet when I watched the LD. It gave me this creepy vibe..& I noticed some music being used(not loudly,but enough to be noticeable) over the scene,to enhance the suspense..of Gale not knowing if she can truely trust Dewey.

Little pieces of sound to make you question various charecters exist in the film. Yet I never noticed all this stuff before. By checking the same scene on dvd,I could barely hear the subtle use of music in the scene..& it just did not give off the same effect on myself.

So while the R rated dvd may seem loud in many portions when the music is pumping to enhance the suspense. It seems somewhat compressed down,compared to the BOOM effect on the laserdisc.

Anyway upon seeing the unrated lasdisc & noticing it's excellent use of sound to enhance the storyline. I appreciated the film even more. It's a classic(despite what some detractors may think based on it being popular).

duz 09-14-03 03:34 PM

Korea is Region 3 so almost all legitamite discs from there will be that. I never buy a 0 unless I know its legit or I can see a sample first.

HyPyke 09-14-03 07:45 PM

The Korean Disc is Region 0. It says it is region 3 but is actually 0. It is not a boot.

Julie Walker 09-15-03 03:31 PM

Just thought I would point this out about the mix being toned down for the R rated version. Some think I'm making things up. Yet it's true. So if you want the true full experiance of the film as intended. The OOP Image laserdisc of the unrated version is the way to go. I'm glad I have mine & the dvd is now never in use when I view the film.

Re: Scream sound differences. -- Brett Cameron
Posted by: Vincent , 09/14/2003, 22:18:55

As Christina points out, when the MPAA went after SCREAM they went after the sound mix as well as the violent content, so the unrated "director's cut" LD includes a more "intense" soundtrack than the R-rated DVD and VHS versions.
True, the fact that the LD contains an uncompressed PCM-digital soundtrack will help as well, but it's also differences in the mix itself.

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