My latest gripe: Slipcase silliness

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My latest gripe: Slipcase silliness

Slipcases. I like 'em. They're a nice compliment to the rest of the packaging.

So, naturally, I hate it when they're bloody unnecessary. Covers have a great way of 'completing' a DVD presentation, and a bad slipcase can just kill an otherwise alright set.

I'm reminded of when Calvin in Calvin & Hobbes turned in his science report in a clear plastic binder; he hadn't worked on the project at all, but he was confident that the binder's presence would guarantee an A. I'm noticing a lot more studios using this mentality.

Slipcase designs I downright loathe:

- Ones where the art is the same inside and outside. Then what was the point? The slips on the Superbits are completely redundant.

- Poorly constructed slipcases, or ones with silly paper engineering. Dances. With. Wolves.

- Ones where the slip is supposed to make it 'limited edition' or otherwise superior. The garish big-head Reservoir Dogs cover? The hazy orange thing on The Usual Suspects? What's the point?

Slipcase designs I like:

- Ones that hold together a digipak. Digipaks, like for ET and The Young Ones, don't look as good without a slipcase to hold everything in.

- Ones where there's different art inside and outside. My r2 of The Long Good Friday has a subtle black slipcover with the logo embossed; underneath it, on the DVD case cover, is the original poster art. the Thelma & Louise is nice too.

(I had this in the covers forum, but no-one noticed it.)
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many will agree with you. me....I'm fine with what I get. as long as the disc is housed properly....they can give me the film in a paper bag for all I care. until I have an actual problem with a pakage/ complaints.
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I for one love the Usual Suspects slipcase along with the Bull Durham slipcase. I really don't have a problem with slipcases--it prevents dust from collecting plus they look nice, too. I'm all for them regardless of whether of not they have a good presentation--I for one loved the Dances with Wolves case, as flimsy as it was. I'm with gutwrencher when he says that until there seems to be a real problem with them then I have no complaints.
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It dosen't bother me if a DVD has a slipcase, although more often then not I throw them away if they are over a DVD case (ie: Reservoir Dogs, People Vs. Larry Flynt). I like them over cardboard cases, but feel annoyed when they are flimsy and then don't hold the foldout case inside together very well (such as The Osbournes and Pulp Fiction cases.)
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I love the Ususal Suspects slipcase too. Love digipak slipcases. Hate Windtalkers.
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I would still prefer just regular keep cases, call me boring. I don't go much for "creative packaging." ET was one example of a good case used, but I hated that packaging with a passion. Once I got my replacement cover from, I threw it out. Like you said, they all have the feel of Calvin's book report to them. It's all a sales gimmic. But hey, if the gimmic does translate into more sales and enables studios to put out more of my favorites from their back catalogue, then it's just a minor annoyance and if I really don't like it, there is
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