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danol 07-28-03 11:49 PM

What's the title of your most watched DVD in a year?
Hackers I love the anamorphic wide screen only seen on a DVD, I watch it about every 2 weeks for a annual total of about
26 + times a year. From purchase when first released and all the years I have owned the DVD, I just can't get enough of it. Home Theater wouldn't be Home Theater without a favorite DVD.

Edit "Hackers" DVD I put it on my newish Dell I8500 with its 15.4 inches in the diaginol. I8500 16 X 10 configuration and I love it, it fills the screen sideways. Just a bit of blackness on top and bottom. 13.475 inches in Wide Screen and 7.7 inches in height. If I can't play Hackers on my HDTV, I can sure watch them on this gem on 400.00 Mbps ethernet! Today is Saturday 8/02/03 28.8K to 400M what a differance in *speed* for a *laptop*. YO

Next to Hackers would be THEM, Industry Standard in B & W monaural. This is locked on a progressive DVD player I own, which fills the entire 16 X 9 envelope.

What is your most watched DVD on a annual basis? :)

PhYbEr 07-29-03 12:06 AM

wow! Mine is Hackers too.. don't know why but I can quote almost the entire movie.. no doubt the most watched dvd in my collection..

The pool on the roof must have a leak.

theneobez 07-29-03 12:11 AM

About a Boy and LOTR: EE, I've watched both 3 times this year.

Aphex Twin 07-29-03 12:11 AM

This is such a coincidence because I watch Hackers nearly every couple of days. Angelina Jolie is so hot in that movie. It gets me into the mood every time. My Hackers DVD is so worn out, but I bought 5 of them just in case.

TomOpus 07-29-03 12:15 AM

"Lens cleaner"


caiman 07-29-03 12:29 AM

*raises hand*

Hackers, right here.

Samuel 07-29-03 12:46 AM

Wait a minute. . . oh man! You guys WATCH dvds?

Holy testicle tuesday! I had no idea you could do that, I'm dusting off my hi-fi right quick!

Thanks everybody, suddenly I'm not so depressed about all my spending.

Ooh, I think I'll watch Hackers! ;)

RobCA 07-29-03 12:55 AM

The DVDs I find myself watching over and over again are:

Death Becomes Her
The House of Yes
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch

...and I've never seen Hackers. :o


tinlunlau 07-29-03 12:58 AM

undoubtedly, shaolin soccer!

after a year of not watching it, and then, finally getting the dvd, i think i've seen it 5 times this month alone.

Bill Geiger 07-29-03 01:10 AM

Bring It On believe it or not...and maybe Jerry Maguire SE

Der Zorn Gottes 07-29-03 01:13 AM

I don't watch my movies that much, because I'm often busy with other things, and can't stand watching a movie twice in succession.

The winner would have to be Yellow Submarine. Seven times atleast since I got it in May. Its the only movie I can watch any time.

UncleCaveman 07-29-03 01:14 AM

I would have to go with Big Trouble In Little China. I love that movie. and, Blue Velvet.

darkflounder 07-29-03 01:32 AM

Fight Club (at least once a week)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The Matrix

Teknomaagi 07-29-03 01:44 AM

Office Space!

FuzzyBallz 07-29-03 01:48 AM

Let me check...

Pulp Fiction: 4 times and counting
Serendipity: 6 times "" ""
Titan A.E.: 3 times "" ""
But I watched Annie Hall 10 times... so the clear winner is *dumb roll please* Annie Hall.

tasha99 07-29-03 01:54 AM

Dark City

Tom Banjo 07-29-03 02:25 AM

Almost Famous

gutwrencher 07-29-03 02:29 AM

Black Sunday(Bava)
Steve Hackett-Live In South America

btornado 07-29-03 03:17 AM

For me mine is probably An Evening With Kevin Smith.

For a friend of mine, it might really be Hackers. He loves that movie. I like it but he's kind of a hardcore fan.

SilverScreen 07-29-03 04:19 AM

Woot UncleCaveman !

Gotta be Big Trouble in Little China for me too.

Followed by a very close second... South Park BLU

RichDB10 07-29-03 05:52 AM

Depeche Mode: One Night In Paris

philo 07-29-03 06:29 AM


PalmerJoss 07-29-03 06:31 AM

Definitely my Almost Famous: Bootleg Edition.

Tarantino 07-29-03 07:23 AM

Clerks, Chasing Amy, or Reservoir Dogs

The Exister 07-29-03 07:25 AM

It would have to be a tie between The Complete Goofy tin, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, and Black Sabbath (Bava).

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