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Rypro 525 06-21-03 07:38 PM

what are you getting tue june 24?
Air Bud Spikes Back
Ali - Fear Eats the Soul - Criterion Collection
Avoiding Armageddon
The Beautician and The Beast
Best of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In
The Best of the Steve Harvey Show
Blind Date - The Ultimate Uncensored 3 Pack
Bodies, Rest & Motion
Cowboy Bebop - The Movie
Dark Blue
Dark Shadows DVD Collection 6
Emanuelle In America
Felicity: Complete Second Season
Hercules The Legendary Journeys - Season 1
Hiroshima Mon Amour - Criterion Collection
The Hours
I Fidanzati - Criterion Collection
Il Posto - Criterion Collection
Israel - A Nation Is Born
Kangaroo Jack (Widescreen Edition)
Lady Chatterley
Live From Baghdad
The Long Ships
Lost in La Mancha
Man Show - Season One Volume One
Monk - The Premiere Episode
Mutant X - Season 1, Disc 1
Night and Fog - Criterion Collection
The Pennsylvania Miners' Story
Punch Drunk Love
Russia - Land of the Tsars
Salon Kitty
Soul Food: The Complete First Season
Star Crystal
Wall - Live in Berlin

cowboy bebop movie, live from bagdad, and the wall live in berlin

greatjedi 06-21-03 07:48 PM

Picking up The Hours and adding Cowboy Bebop to my wishlist

William Fuld 06-21-03 08:06 PM

A Century of Black Cinema
the Resnais Criterions, eventually

ellone 06-21-03 08:10 PM

Cowboy Bebop The Movie

theneobez 06-21-03 08:15 PM

Night and Fog: Criterion!!!

Also maybe Il Posto: Criterion if I can get a good deal for it. Both would be blind buys.

MichaelMeyers 06-21-03 08:16 PM

Cowboy Bebop the Movie
Punch Drunk Love
Ai Yori Aoshi Volume Three
Noir Volume 4

and maybe the Hours and Dark Blue

JayPen 06-21-03 08:34 PM

The Hours and Punch Drunk Love
Voted for Felicity Season 2, but I think it comes out next month.

shill66 06-21-03 08:36 PM

Yay, my birthday!
I'll give myself the gift of:
Punch Drunk Love (although it's my least favorite PTA film)
Roger Waters The Wall Live in Berlin

RobCA 06-21-03 08:44 PM

Voted for Felicity Season 2, but I think it comes out next month.
Same here, and it does, on 7/22.

Just The Beautician and the Beast and Popeye for me.


WhattheFFF 06-21-03 08:47 PM

Man Show

KevinSmithIsGod 06-21-03 08:52 PM

POPEYE all the way for me!

meritocracy 06-21-03 09:05 PM

The Hours
Lost In La Mancha

Renting Punch Drunk Love

Skull 06-21-03 09:07 PM

Cowboy Bebop the Movie.

lostatmidnight 06-21-03 09:11 PM

FINALLY...Punch Drunk-Love

SCHMEGGA 06-21-03 09:12 PM

Night & Fog

rhc 06-21-03 09:31 PM

punch drunk love

mwj 06-21-03 09:41 PM

I am going to rent Punch Drunk Love and Dark Blue. Nothing else looks good to me.

Painkiller 06-21-03 09:45 PM

Nothing for me :(

marty888 06-21-03 10:09 PM

Well, I may give the wallet a rest ... but eventually the Criterions, <i>The Hours</i> and that's about it.

mdc3000 06-21-03 10:31 PM

PDL baby, PDL.


shut shut shut shut shut up

danol 06-21-03 10:48 PM

I voted other my DVD is eXistenZ from DD at $10.59, I happen to like Jenifer Jason Leigh ever since "Rush", with Jason Patrick of "Narc".

gutwrencher 06-21-03 11:01 PM

this is a fat week:drool: I wont even bother to list the back catalog titles I'm getting. here is the new...including pre-orders!!
  • Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals
  • Emanuelle In America
  • The Alien Dead
  • Chained Girls/Daughters of Lesbos
  • Dark Blue
  • The Braniac/The Witches Mirror
  • Doctor Doom/Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy
  • Punch Drunk Love
  • Night and Fog
  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

...and pre-ordered these killer titles:
  • Zombie 5: Killing Birds
  • A Lizard In a Womans Skin
  • Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light

...and Prison of the Dead...if it's out on Tuesday.

SteveyP93 06-21-03 11:23 PM

The Hours
Punch-Drunk Love
WWE Backlash 2003
From the Vault: Shawn Michaels

movielib 06-21-03 11:41 PM

Dark Blue

dave955 06-21-03 11:44 PM

I might get anywhere from one to four of the Criterions, with the Renais films coming first.

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