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PalmerJoss 06-16-03 07:16 AM

Best making-of docs?
I have just finished watching the making-of documentary on the Black Hawk Down deluxe edition and absolutely loved it. It was extremely interesting and very comprehensive and very well put-together. What I was curious about is whether there are any other documentaries as comprehensive as this. The only other one that comes to mind is "The Beginning" from Star Wars Ep I. Can anybody reccomend any others?

ThriceDamned 06-16-03 07:25 AM

There has never been a documentary as comprehensive and in-depth as the nearly 7 hour documentary on LOTR:FOTR EE. It stands a crowning achievement in film documentaries in my mind.

Other excellent film documentaries are the ones on:
Cleopatra (arguably better then the movie itself)
The Abyss
Citizen Kane
Brazil Criterion Collection
The Stunt Man
12 Monkeys (The Hamster Factor)

I would also nominate The Heart Of Darkness about the making of Apocalypse Now and Lost In La Mancha about Terry Gilliams failed attempt to bring Don Quixote to the big screen.

pdjennings 06-16-03 07:33 AM


& the entire "Project Greenlight" set for Stolen Summer.

jfoobar 06-16-03 07:50 AM

The Thing CE

whynotsmile 06-16-03 10:41 AM

my favorites:

BLade 2

Groucho 06-16-03 10:45 AM

Generally, the best "Making Of" features are the "HBO First Looks."

eedoon 06-16-03 10:50 AM

The making of Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz (well, if you can say that the making-of docs) also comes to my mind, besides some already mentioned above.

Iron Chef 06-16-03 10:57 AM

Magnolia has a decent one.

The Nature Boy 06-16-03 11:26 AM

I haven't seen the Blade 2 one yet, too busy, but I know people who simply rave about it, and have gone out of their way to recommend it.

For me though, it's very hard to top "Hearts of Darkness". Incredibly engrossing, and well worth going out of your way to track down. And seeing it made me increase my love and appreciation for Apocalyspe even more.

Chew 06-16-03 11:36 AM

I'd agree with LOTR and Citizen Kane (which also has a great Ebert commentary too)

danol 06-16-03 11:37 AM

There is a seperate documentery if included on the new to DVD September 2, 2003 "Where Eagles Dare".

When the DVD has a featurette for "Dirty Dancing", it's something to entertain you not educate you. Look for a directors comment, *not* comment over the entire length of the film. :)

Panda Phil 06-16-03 12:08 PM

In addition, I'd add:

Toy Story: Ultimate Toy Box

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


And of course, Star Wars, Episode 2.

Vision Society 06-16-03 12:28 PM

All About Eve has a short but very effective documentary.

Jazzbutcher 06-16-03 12:29 PM

For DVD titles, I'd also give a vote to The Thing

For non-DVD titles, I'd have to go with Hearts of Darkness.

Erica 06-16-03 12:32 PM

The Abyss

Hiro11 06-16-03 01:07 PM

Another vote for LOTR EE

The Wild Bunch has a great documentary that won an Academy Award the year it came out.

American Graffiti has a good 1.5 hour documentary on what was a very interesting production.

Oh Brother Where Art Thou has an intereting documentary on CGI color-timing (so does LOTR EE). This technoique is used on many, many movies now and has really changed the look of things.

Brain Stew 06-16-03 01:09 PM

Originally posted by Groucho
Generally, the best "Making Of" features are the "HBO First Looks."

shizawn 06-16-03 01:48 PM

A couple that haven't been mentioned:

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Jaws (despite it being edited from the laserdisc version)

Staccatos 06-16-03 02:06 PM

"Burden of Dreams" (1982), Les Blank's documentary on the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo".

Available on VHS but as far as I'm aware, not available on DVD.

shanester 06-16-03 03:36 PM

Platoon SE
The Abyss
Black HawK Down DE
Straw Dogs (Criterion)

SCHMEGGA 06-16-03 03:40 PM

Civil War by Ken Burns
Blue Planet
Toy Story Uno & Dos: UTB

Pants 06-16-03 03:50 PM

The original Jaws doc
The Battle For Brazil
The 1941 doc (better than the movie)
The Psycho (1960) doc

shanester 06-16-03 03:53 PM

The Psycho (1960) doc [/B][/QUOTE]

Excellent choice :up:

PatrickMcCart 06-16-03 04:00 PM

The Making of a Hard Day's Night

Also, the ones for Lawrence of Arabia, Willy Wonka, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and the Classic Monster Collection docs are excellent.

darkflounder 06-16-03 06:06 PM

I would love to see Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse finally released on DVD. By far one of the best making-of documentaries ever done.

Also, the doc on Sunset Boulevard is really top notch.

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