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thematahara 06-06-03 11:32 AM

Black Hawk Down SE appreciation thread
After picking up Black Hawk Down SE yesterday, I now have a new favorite dvd. This is the most jammed-packed dvd in my collection, and this has to be the early favorite for DVD of the year. With most releases I can usually name numerous features I wish were included, but not with this one. It seems that everything that could possibly have been included, has been. It's been a long time since I purchased a DVD that I could not watch all the Special Features in one day. It will probably take me a week to go through all the great content on the 3 discs. I just thought a thread was needed to give this DVD the credit it deserves. Hopefully future releases will take note on how to produce a true SE that is worth upgrading.

shanester 06-06-03 12:15 PM

Is it better than LOTR EE???

thematahara 06-06-03 12:22 PM

Since I'm not the biggest LOTR fan I say yes, but I'd say it's pretty close as far as production values and effort.

PJsig08 06-06-03 12:27 PM

Better change for the title of the thread...

Anyways, I picked this one up too since it seemed loaded with goodies, and commentaries. My friend listened to the third commentary (task force rangers) and said it was amazing. I also watched a little bit of the History Channel special (disc 3) and it was amazing. It's a great movie on its own, and one of the best DVDs I have seen a while as well.

Does it match LOTR:EE? I don't think so...nothing tops that one. But it's probably in my top 3 or 4, behind the Godfather set.

Just a quick question, does this SE version have a significantly better video transfer (during the movie) than the barebones BHD DVD release? I remember watching some of the barebones one, but can't remember well enough how the transfer was....

Zodo 06-06-03 12:49 PM

Originally posted by shanester
Is it better than LOTR EE???
I think it is.
This is an absolutely AMAZING DVD.

Rypro 525 06-06-03 12:49 PM

With the armed forces commentary track, were they all in the same room doing the commentary since it sure sounded like they were.

Rypro 525 06-06-03 12:49 PM

With the armed forces commentary track, were they all in the same room doing the commentary since it sure sounded like they were.

Class316 06-06-03 01:01 PM

Black Hawk Down is awesome! Itís shocking how such a great thing managed to escape the evil thing called political correctness. And thankfully wasnít censored (tho they did censor History because they didnít show the Somalis use women and children as human shields).

However, the packaging is C.R.A.P.P.Y!! The first one I bought even had the round disc holder damaged (and in this type of packaging shaking doesnít help much). I took it back and traded it for a good one (though the cardboard is slightly bent). But this packaging is so damn awkward it sucks. Even worse than the Vista Roger Rabbit.

Decker 06-06-03 01:07 PM

Well, I'd appreciate it if MySony would ever get around to shipping me a copy...

B.A. 06-06-03 01:50 PM

I cannot wait to get my hands on this...

UncleCaveman 06-06-03 02:01 PM

its to expensive. I don't have money to pay for the darn thing..... but I will eventually.

DavidH 06-06-03 02:09 PM

I haven't seen it yet, but supposedly the audio and video are of the exact quality of the original disc.

DVD Polizei 06-06-03 02:10 PM

I have to agree--this is probably one of the best upgrades ever. I'm looking forward to getting this. The PBS and other documentaries are a real gem.

Rizor 06-06-03 02:21 PM

Seems like a great set. I've had it since Tuesday though I'll I've seen were the two documentaries in the Historical Archives.

Jamers 06-06-03 02:33 PM

Just picked it up at Best Buy for $29.99. That seems high for a DVD but considering all the extra documentaries then it seems reasonable. But if they release a 3 disc DTS version in 6 months then I'm gonna be pissed.

PJsig08 06-06-03 02:37 PM

Yeah that mySony deal was huge. Bought two for $32 including S&H. What a steal.

And I agree, the packaging is crap...what is the deal w/these paper thin covers these days that bend, tear, rip in like 2 seconds? Nothing beats the LOTR:EE box cover, nothing. Durable, doesn't totally collapse after normal handling and such.

jiggawhat 06-06-03 03:37 PM

Is there a rundown of the differences between this version and the old version?

I am thinking about buying this from amazon because I can get it for $16. Is it worth it? I want to get rid of the old version to make sure that everything on that disc is on the new disc.

Face/Off 06-06-03 03:40 PM

Originally posted by UncleCaveman
its to expensive. I don't have money to pay for the darn thing..... but I will eventually.
It's only $25 at Target this week. Of course, I remember back in the day when barebones Warner and New Line DVDs cost that much and the Columbia and Universal ones cost $30.

superdeluxe 06-06-03 03:45 PM

Great DVD

Stuff: Really like the Documentaries, The history channel is the best imho. The 2 documentaries are more than worth the entire price. The timeline is helpful and great. You have your usual filler of music videos (which I liked), trailers and spots. All good stuff around. The Q and A's were good too.

Commentary: Havent had a chance to listen to bruckheimer or Bowdens commentary, but listened to TFR's commentary and that was EXCELLENT. For the person who asked if they were sitting in the same room, it sure sounded like it, they would interchange and add stuff to what others had just said. GREAT stuff

So far my favorite off this dvd is TFR's commentary and the History channel doc.

Great Disc.

Robert 06-06-03 03:54 PM

My only problem with the disc is the absence of the Theatrical Teaser trailer. Bob Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heavens Door' is perfect for the movie.

XENOGEARS 06-06-03 03:54 PM

Having read the book and seeing the movie, it was great to hear them talk about their choices and reasoning for doing certain aspects in the movie. I was particularly interested in the transition from book to movie and why they changed the things they did. OVerall, I think the best part of this dvd is the commentaries and documentaries.

MrBob 06-06-03 04:13 PM

haven't bought it yet but I will soon. I love the movie, and I've seen part of the History channel documentry and enjoyed it.

slop101 06-06-03 04:38 PM

This is a great, GREAT dvd set. Kudos to Charlie for hitting this one out of the park. It easily ranks up there with LOTR:EE. The only weak thing about it is it's packaging: Hartnett's enormus nogging on the cover and the lame flimsy digipack make this seem like a cheaper set than it really is.

Dammit 06-06-03 04:45 PM

I don't own either version currently. I didn't buy the original because it seemed the bass was lacking the impact that the movies soundtrack had in the theater. Is there any improvement there?

Other than that nitpick the original sounded great.

superdeluxe 06-06-03 04:47 PM

Yeah the packgaging was pretty cheap, it has already fallen apart for me.

I totally loved the commentary by TFR, the way they were talking about what was hollywood and what wasnt, and their reasoning behind adding stuff in.

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