Bad news about Seinfeld coming to DVD

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Bad news about Seinfeld coming to DVD

I just read in EW that TBS paid $200 million to air Seinfeld reruns until 2011.

I don't know the terms of the agreement but I can't imagine making a deal like that if people were able to own the series on DVD.

Any thoughts?
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Well, here is something that might make the series hard to put on dvd.
*if its a best of set with like a viewer top 10 from a poll, we would get pissed, because we wanted season sets
*If they do season sets, die hard Seinfeld fans won't get the first season since it was pretty bad. and then cthv might get the idea that people don't want seinfeld on dvd
*if they skip season one, then some might get angry about the first season.
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Eh, the same logic would apply to the Simpsons, which is already out.
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...and Friends.
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If they do season sets, die hard Seinfeld fans won't get the first season since it was pretty bad. and then cthv might get the idea that people don't want seinfeld on dvd
Die hard fans won't buy season 1? Huh!
I think you have Die hard and a passing fans mixed up. Season 1 is funny as hell, like the rest.
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Rypro, you're forgetting the DVD collector mentality: Gotta get 'em all!
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Originally posted by Rypro 525
Well, here is something that might make the series hard to put on dvd.
*If they do season sets, die hard Seinfeld fans won't get the first season since it was pretty bad. and then cthv might get the idea that people don't want seinfeld on dvd
It's Seinfeld. When it's released, I'm sure the first season will be the highest selling season set ever (beating Simpsons S1). Amd from what I have read about this series, CTHE KNOWS it's the most highly anticipated show to get released on DVD. I'm not worried about them thinking otherwise.
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The first season of Seinfeld is hillarious, not to mention quite interesting to watch as the show involves to what it became.
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I will buy the first season as soon as I can. Hell, I'd buy more than one if I had to. Your logic is definitely off. Lots of Simpsons fans agree it didnt' start off great, but the first 2 seasons sold like hotcakes.
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First, as has been mentioned, plenty of other shows in a similar situation (Friends) are out on DVD.

Second, even if they release a Season 1 (or Season 1 or 2), most of the episodes still won't be on DVD, and likely wouldn't be for some time to come (how fast would they release them? Hopefully faster than the Simpsons).

And Finally, if it's not in the contract TBS signed, what would CTHV (I think they have the rights) care?
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Whats the opinion on season releases and syndication(and shows that are in syndication and still on the air like Simpsons or 24), do these season sets hurt the episodes that are in syndication or does it help them in getting them more viewers(as long as the episodes are from later seasons that are yet to be released on dvd). Same questions with shows that are still on the air. I know it probably that season sets gave a huge push to the Sopranos. But do you think releasing these sets help the ratings of shows like 24 or The Shield(both of which got there first seasons released before the second season was brodcasted). I know a friend of mine never watched Buffy (new or reruns) but when she won the first season on DVD, she really got into it and now watches the newer shows and the reruns. Same with Angel. But on the negative side, i didn't watch Futurama or Family Guy on Cartoon NEtwork until they started showing newer episodes.
I wanted to make a new topic with this question but i thought i'd bring it up here.
I would think a Season 1 set of Seinfeld would help the ratings of the shows in syndication. Since it was on as long as it was.
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Season one was ok, but nowhere near as funny as later seasons. It would be worth buying though.
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Or maybe not.
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tbs has the same deal with seinfeld as they did friends. before they could be released to dvd tbs had to show the entire series twice first. that is what took friends so long to come out in the states. I haven't been following seinfeld on tbs but my guess is they should be getting close to having shown it twice through.
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It is funny how the mind play tricks on peoples memories. The first season only had 4 episodes(5 if you count the pilot that aired 6 months prior). Of course later seasons are better. You are only talking about 4- 20 minute shows. These four are where they spent time developing the style and feel of the show.
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Seinfeld to be out in 2004?
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Seinfeld became laugh-out-loud funny when they got rid of Jerry's stand-up act at the beginning of each episode.
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The TBS deal isn't bad news for Seinfeld on DVD, it's good news.

Since the deal is already signed CTS is free to release the DVDs without worry of queering the syndication market - it's already locked-in.

Besides, both Friends and the Simpsons are in syndication AND in first-run, and their season sets are coming out.

24 was released on DVD BEFORE a syndication deal. Does this mean that a syndication deal is out of the question? Hell no.

TV and DVD are two completely different markets. There's money to be made in both.

-- Jough
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