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Sozsei 05-04-03 09:51 PM

Question for owners of April Fools Day
There's a song the plays during the closing credits of this movie and I've searched everywhere (short of buying the movie) but I can't seem to find who sings it and what it's called. I would imagine this information lies in the credits. Anyone know off hand what it's called? TIA!

RobCA 05-04-03 10:00 PM

I love that song! From IMDb:

"Too Bad You're Crazy"
Music and Lyrics by Charles Bernstein (I)
Performed by Jerry Whitman and Linda Harman

Sozsei 05-04-03 10:26 PM

Thanks, man! Much appreciation.

MrMacabre 05-05-03 07:55 AM

Yeah, that song totally rocks.

Gotta find that too....

Too Bad You're Crazy... too bad you're looney as hell! [or something like that. LOL]

Then again, it could just be the booze talking ;)

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