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PolloDiablo 04-16-03 02:52 PM

LOTR Two Towers Extended Edition News!
I just saw this on The Digital Bits and thought everyone would be interested.

According to director Peter Jackson, direct from The Lord of the Rings: Official Fan Club Magazine, the 4-disc The Two Towers: Extended Edition (tentatively set for release in November) will have 43 additional minutes of footage. Much of it will reportedly expand upon the various characters, as was the case with The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition. Word is more than 150 new effects shots have been completed for the new cut as well (since there are many new scenes with Treebeard). Thanks to Dr. T. for that tidbit.

43 minutes !!! I can't wait, this is now by far my most anticipated release of the year. I'm really interested to see what new scenes they'll be adding into the film. With the additional footage it will clock in somewhere around 222 minutes.

Rypro 525 04-16-03 02:53 PM


PolloDiablo 04-16-03 03:00 PM

Doh!.. sorry bout that, don't know how I managed to miss it. Feel free to close this thread.

GuessWho 04-16-03 03:03 PM

Or just delete it yourself. Creators of a thread can dop that by deleting the opening post.

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