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wildzero84 04-07-03 07:46 PM

"Punch Drunk Love" Superbit Deluxe(2-Disc) Cover!!
OMG! i just creamed ma pants!! :o

i ABSOLUTELY ADORE this movie!! canNOT wait fr this ta come out!

svenge 04-07-03 07:54 PM

Umm, that's been on The Digital Bits for a bit now already...

theneobez 04-07-03 08:28 PM

Search is your friend.

Flynn 04-07-03 10:50 PM

Thanks for the information wildzero84, I also can't wait for this release - looks like a very classy, neurotic cover for a very classy, neurotic film.

PolloDiablo 04-07-03 11:34 PM

I think that may be the first "big head" cover that I actually like, though it does seem like their trying to sell the movie on Adam Sandler I think its pretty classy looking.

Jack Straw 04-08-03 12:34 AM

My favorite portion of the cover is "Two Disc SE" :up:

Tyler_Durden 04-08-03 01:45 AM

I strongly dislike this cover. Although it does communicate the repressed anger in Sandler's character I much preferred the lovely (sorry) original poster.

Rogue588 04-08-03 01:52 AM

Is this part two of the three part "Mug Shot" cover series..?* -rolleyes-

* [Part One being About Schmidt..]

Gotta agree with Tyler_Durden about this one..


DVD Polizei 04-08-03 02:47 AM

If it's not rated "R", I'm not buying it.

Tyler_Durden 04-08-03 05:07 AM

Originally posted by DVD Polizei
If it's not rated "R", I'm not buying it.
Shut up! Shut, shut, shut, shut, shut up!


Geofferson 04-08-03 08:26 AM

I like the poster better, but the cover is pretty good as well.

BJacks 04-08-03 08:39 AM

It looks like he's taking a piss.

steebo777 04-08-03 09:25 AM

I agree with Mr. Durden... the movie poster is hella better than the DVD cover. However, at least the DVD cover looks pretty smooth (much better big-head shot than Mothman Prophecies: SE cover :D )

MurraySiskind 04-08-03 11:27 AM

I like the poster a helluva lot but I'm pretty happy with this cover art. I think it best represents the quirkiness of the movie. But i love the movie and would've been happy regardless of the cover.

jough 04-09-03 07:50 PM

What was wrong with the poster art? It's great. Why not use it?

They used the poster art for Magnolia...

-- Jough

Neitzl 04-09-03 07:59 PM

Not really, but it was close. The Magnolia Poster had the faces of all the actors in the leaves of the flower. The dvd doesn't have that, but it is a great cover anyhow.

I also like the PDL poster art much more.


jough 04-09-03 08:39 PM

The Magnolia DVD cover was from the teaser poster. But it didn't have a big profile picture of Tom Cruise!

Neitzl 04-09-03 08:56 PM

The teaser poster was of the frogs falling from the sky. Don't believe me?
I love any of the posters that PTA films have. I only wish I could get the Hard Eight poster...anyone?

PDL poster is really great. Up close, there was much more detail than what I had thought. The dvd cover is ok, I just don't find Adam Sandler's face of head interesting.


djtoell 04-10-03 01:46 AM

It'll be interesting to see the cover in the context of the rest of the packaging. The cover gives me an impression of isolation and expectation, important themes for Sandler's character in the film. The contextual placement of a photograph of Emily Watson, for example, elsewhere on the packaging may provide a whole new artistic impression of the film that is different from what the poster implicates. I'll wait to see the final package before I decide if I like this cover more/less/same as the poster.


angryyoungman 04-11-03 08:18 PM

So wait... if a BIG HEAD is facing sideways, then it's okay? -wink-

Is it possible the cover in the first post is just a slip cover, with the movie poster as the actual keepcase cover?

Gallant Pig 04-11-03 08:31 PM

Originally posted by jough
What was wrong with the poster art? It's great. Why not use it?

They used the poster art for Magnolia...

-- Jough

The poster art is great, it's great because the posters are large and the photo on it is a far away shot of something. Shrinked down to DVD size and it'd be almost impossible to see. Now if they zoomed in on it it would be OK, but then that's not the original poster art anymore.

I have a strong feeling PTA will be designing the package inside out on this DVD like he has in the past and I have total faith in him.

madcougar 04-11-03 09:45 PM

Re: "Punch Drunk Love" Superbit Deluxe(2-Disc) Cover!!

Originally posted by wildzero84
OMG! i just creamed ma pants!! :o

Gaaaaay! Unless you're a woman of course.

I'll buy this regardless of any big head art.

BizRodian 04-11-03 10:24 PM

So what's a Superbit Deluxe?

Gallant Pig 04-11-03 11:30 PM

It's a super bit with extras usually 2 disc.

BizRodian 04-11-03 11:35 PM

A superbit with extras? so you mean like... every other disc on the market that has DTS and a nice picture?

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