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Review wanted: Ruroni Kenshin

Old 10-08-00, 07:45 AM
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Liked the sound of the plot in this series - anyone comment on content, transfer quality etc?
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Haven't seen the DVD but I have seen the episodes, and I have to say it's one of my favorite anime series. It has action, comedy, and drama. You become very attached to the characters. Kenshin is very serious sometimes and very goofy at other times. There's no nudity, there's not much violence, and pretty good music. I recommend it.

If you're looking for a more serious and violent series, there's the OVA which takes places before the TV series. Over here it is called Samurai X and consists of 4 episodes. Also very good, but the style is very different from the TV series.
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A friend lent me Volume 1. I was excited to see the series, but it's not as good as I'd hoped.

First, it's unusually wacky in a very Japanese sort of way, and it often breaks up the flow of the story (imho.)

Second, despite its subject (with the best swordsman of all time), the action scenes actually suck. In classic anime style, 86 guys run at Kenshin, you see a bunch of white slashes, and they all fall over. I had hoped for great action scenes - but it's not exciting. We know Kenshin is the best fencer ever, and we know that no one can ever beat him, but we never get to see him actually fighting anyone.

(edit) The theme song, though, is just AMAZING I'm addicted to it!

- David Stein

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i've seen both the ova and the tv series...
very good in different ways. The ova is
more serious, while the series is more a

Although I like the series more (due to the
comedy), the ova is more well thought out.
Then again, its only 4 episodes.

Either way, the scripts were very well

and to sfsdfd,
hello, this is a fantasy, just like a good
book, use your imagination, the animation
is already helping a lot. An analogy of what
you are asking is to know who the killer is
at the beginning of a horror movie.
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I have volumes 1-4 of the TV series on DVD and the transfer quality is good. I haven't seen them on regular VHS but I have seen the fansubs and the quality is much better (of course). The sound quality and subtitling is great. Even the dubbing for the series isn't too bad compared to most anime dubs. There aren't very many extras on the DVDs like most animes except for a few character galleries but I didn't buy the DVDs for the extras anyway. All in all, if you like series and want to watch it again, I'd recommend it. I haven't seen the OAV on DVD though.
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I bought the first 4 disc the other day. So far, I love this series. The animation is good and I think the quality of the discs are good. Didn't notice much artifacting or pixelation. I like the extras also. They include Liner notes that explain some of the terms used in the show and it helps to get a better understanding. I think it's a pretty well-rounded show with some great characters.

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If it helps..the fights do get better as the show goes along..even by the second disc the fights double in animation quality, length, and overall style. The first disc is not a good way to judge it..the second disc is much better..
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