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review needed: Ministry Tapes of Wrath DVD

Old 10-17-00, 06:31 PM
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I need to know if this dvd is worth it.
I'm a big fan of this band, but i already own a VHS from them.
If you can tell me what feature's on the disk, it will be appreciate
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Old 12-04-00, 01:13 AM
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just bumping this thread up because i'm wondering if anyone has gotten this yet. is it any good?

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Old 09-07-02, 02:47 PM
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bumb (almost 2 years later)

any info on this one?
or the ministry SPHINCTOUR dvd?
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Old 09-14-02, 01:18 AM
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I own both of the Ministry discs so here goes:

Ministry Tapes of Wrath:

This is a compilation of all of their music videos. The videos on the disc are:

Over the Shoulder
Burning Inside
The Land of Rape and Honey
Jesus Built My Hotrod
Just One Fix
Lay Lady Lay
Bad Blood
Crackin' Up (Revolting Cocks)
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (Revolting Cocks)

That is all that is on this disc. There are no extras or anything to speak of. If you are a fan of the band it is worth having for their great, disturbing videos.

Ministry: Sphinctour

This DVD is footage from their 1996 world tour. The tracks are:

Psalm 69
Filth Pig
So What
Just One Fix
The Fall

What is unique is that they only used one camera to record all the footage. So while you are hearing the one performance that the audio was taken from the visuals rotate through various performances of the song throughout the tour. Sometimes the audio goes out of sync but it gives you a great perspective on the whole touring process. One segment shows Ministry playing to a HUGE outdoor festival and the next clip is one of their small club dates. My only complaint is some of the songs used. I am not a big fan of their later albums (Filth Pig, Dark Side of the Spoon) so for me there are too many newer tracks.

All in all both discs are worth it to any Ministry fan.

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Old 09-14-02, 12:53 PM
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If they only would re-release the LD "IN CASE YOU DIDN'T FEEL LIKE SHOWING UP (LIVE)" on dvd. I think it's much better than both Tapes.... and Sphinctour.
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Old 09-15-02, 06:06 PM
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it's nice to know that some people manage to use the search function occasionally.

i ended up getting TOW, but i only watched it one time. i hadn't seen many of their videos, but love their music. i wasn't all that impressed with the dvd. when i want to hear them, i just pop on a cd. i probably wouldn't reccommend it, unless you're a super hardcore ministry fan.

i would definitely pick up 'in case you didn't feel like showing up' though, if it ever comes out.
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Old 09-16-02, 08:27 PM
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The Tapes of Wrath is a great DVD. However, it is missing the videos for Revenge, What About Us? and some other one that I cannot recall.
Also, the DVD doesn't have subtitles but, I've heard, has close-captioning. Your TV needs to be able to read the cc code to see it. This is a bit weird, considering Al Jourgenson never provides lyrics in print form.
The Sphinctour DVD isn't that great, but the CD is absolutely magnificent.
I, too, want a In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up DVD. They could package it with Revco's "You Gddmned Son of a Btch" live show. Someone should make a petition.
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Old 09-16-02, 09:54 PM
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I know Revenge isn't on Tapes of Wrath because Al doesn't consider With Sympathy part of his music. I've never seen the video for What About Us.
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Old 09-17-02, 10:50 PM
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I haven't either, but I have a feeling that the video is just their AI cameo. It is on a promotional videotape that WB sent as part of a press kit for the What About Us? EP that they never released. The Revenge video is great, BTW. It is pure 80's cheese.
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