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Heavy Metal 2000?

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I was originally looking forward to this because of the soundtrack... but since I found out it never made it to theatres and is more like a straight-to-video type of movie, I'm wondering if it's worth buying the DVD?

What's most of all the story and acting like? Is it gonna put me to sleep or otherwise regret buying it?

Anyone know anything about this DVD at all yet, other than the listed features?
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I posted this in the DVDtalk forum. And was looking for some replies. I haven't recieved any yet. The "short" that they have on Julie Strain is pretty good. I watched the movie last night. Your question on acting is a little off, I would say since there is no acting. It's animation. But it's a very good movie, and is to my liking. Here's my post from the other forum:

Heavy Metal 2000 vs. Heavy Metal

I am just wondering what you thought of the two movies and their differences. I definately loved both. But the movies are quite different from each other.

Heavy Metal's Character animation was far better than HM2. But I thought that the overall animation of HM2 was far superior. I was really impressed with the way that the smoke from the engines looked so lifelike. I also liked the landscape scenery in HM2 a bit more. The original Heavy Metal animation was more comic-bookish, and I liked that "feel" of the movie. The Heavy Metal characters animation was alot more defined and shaded. The newer movie's character's weren't as developed, the edges were harder, and not as much shading was involved.

The soundtrack's are definately a huge showing of the sign of the times. I preferred the older soundtrack of the two, only cause I relate to that era of music more. The new soundtrack is very pleasing, I just couldn't recognize some of the bands playing. When I listened to the music, I knew some of the bands by sound, But not like the first movie. I mean afterall, there is no mistaking Monster Magnet, Pantera, System of a Down or Billy Idol. I'll probably end up liking most of the music the more I watch this movie.

Plot lines are a great thing in both of these movies. They are also at opposite ends of the spectrum. But at the same time they both relate to an unknown powerful force. I liked the snippets that were presented in the original Heavy Metal and was expecting the same for the second. I was in for a surprise when it followed one central storyline through out the whole movie. (you know, one plot, two main characters). I know they both had an object that created it's possessor's to go mad,or become powerful, but they were created differently as far as how they were presented.

I think both movies were equally impressive in their own respects. I was expecting two "like" movies and didn't get it, like so many sequels of today. A very pleasant surprise.

What are your veiws? Did you like one more than the other? Are you like me, and liked one just as much as the other? And why did you like one more than the other, if so?

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