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need a review of dvd quality of Breaking the waves

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it looks pretty good, as it was a wierdly shot film in the 1st place...however, it's still the r-rated american cut, which is missing some footage that appeared on the criterion laserdisc...I don't want this to stop you from buying it, it's the only version available, it's the only version that was ever available on vhs, etc., but I thought I'd let you know that there was a slightly longer version available at a certain point on a certain format in case you're a gigantic fan...
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I've heard complaints about the transfer but like kubusz I didn't find it to be that bad...the film is grainy to begin with and there are a lot of cuts and handheld camerawork...so a less than perfect transfer doesn't really bother that much.

I watched it on a 60" progressive scan RPTV. The sound is nothing to write home about but then this isn't a big sound effects title.

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The US version of this film that is available on DVD and VHS is actually LONGER than the Directors Cut/European version. The Directors Cut version (which I have never seen) is available on Criterion LD. The US version is aparently lacking a few seconds or minutes of extra sexy stuff. The weird thing is that the US version, while lacking the sexy stuff, actully contains EXTRA FOOTAGE that the director DID NOT want cut into the film (roughly 9 minutes worth). There was a thread on this topic a month ago, try a search. It gets really confusing because evidently the deleted scenes on the the CC LD (inclued as a seperate suplement) are NOT the scenes that are edited into the US version. So there are deleted scenes edited into the film for the US version and there are also OTHER deleted scenes viewable as suplements on the Criteiron Disc.

Some one (Criterion?) needs to release a definitive director's cut of this on DVD. I will not buy it untill then.
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Thanx gents I appreciate it. Amazon has it for 11.98. Better go order a copy right now. Thanx again. Michael aka Sm0g
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the Criterion IS the "definitive director's cut"...this is the problem with this increasingly meaningless statement and people's perception that longer = better...if Von Trier DID NOT want that footage in the film, how would Criterion be doing the filmmaker a service by putting it in? You could release an "ultra-long, non-filmmaker approved" version, but don't dare call it a "director's cut"...every film has a rough cut longer than the final release...is it in the best interest of the film that, say, the infamous 140 minute version of "Annie hall" get released? No. Woody Allen cut the stuff out. Von Trier didn't want the stuff in "Breaking the Waves", so it shouldn't be there...
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