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Reviews Wanted - HIGH FIDELITY

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Reviews Wanted - HIGH FIDELITY

Old 09-20-00, 12:14 AM
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Never seen the movie. Any good? Disc quality? Extras?
Old 09-20-00, 12:27 PM
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One of those DVDs where you wish a different studio had the film. Buena Vista does offer good, but not outstanding video quality and solid audio quality, along with a few extras in the form of deleted scenes and interviews with Cusack and director Frears...

Great movie though, funny, great performances. Just would have liked to have seen what a different studio had been able to come up with for the DVD. And speaking of Cusack, it would be great to get a "Grosse Pointe Blank" SE...

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Old 09-20-00, 03:24 PM
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I think Buena Vista did a fine job. They offer about 8 deleted scenes as well as two interviews (one with Cusack and the other with the Director)

My system doesn't really offer me a chance to critique the video and sound -- but how good does the sound have to be for a comedy/drama.

But I do agree with DVDRules1 that this is a good movie.

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Old 09-20-00, 06:19 PM
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I'll agree with what's already been posted. I loved this movie and eagerly picked it up at Best Buy yesterday, and it was worth every penny I paid.

The story quality is outstanding. (in my personal "all time top 5" )

The video and audio are okay... but I'm no judge, and I have only been watching it on my laptop so far.

The disc extras are average at best:

I was really hoping for a commentary track from John Cusack, instead we get about 15 min. of interview answers.

Many of the deleted scenes are fun to watch: as a fan of the book, when I saw the movie there were a few of my favorite moments that were left out. Now we can see that some of these "missing" scenes from the book were indeed filmed... but I wish they had included comments as to why they chose to cut them from the film. (the scene with Beverly D'Angelo in particular!)

In short, its value stems more from the quality of the movie than the quality of the DVD... and only the diehards should pay $20 for it, otherwise wait till you see it for cdnow )

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Old 09-20-00, 06:29 PM
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of course that was jack singing!! that's what he does.

you wouldn't accuse tenacious d of lip-syncing would ya?
Old 09-20-00, 09:15 PM
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the deleted scenes are hilarious. great stuff. glad someone else knows jack black from the mr. show / tenacious d days.

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Old 09-22-00, 07:43 PM
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Personally I think Tod Louiso deserves an Oscar for his supporting role. Hysterical.

"Marie DeSalle's playing, you remember I told you about her today? I like her. She's kind of Sheryl Crowish crossed with a post-Partridge Family pre-LA Law Susan Dey kind of thing, but, you know, um, black."

I liked this film a lot when I saw it in the theater, and liked it more the second time I saw it on DVD.

Stands up well.
Old 09-22-00, 10:06 PM
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I though that this movie was just okay. It must be noted that I saw it on an airplane, so that may have ruined it a bit.
Old 09-23-00, 11:12 AM
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I think that the acting was first rate all around, and the casting was as close to perfect as any movie I have seen in recent times. Jack Black and Todd Louiso are absolutely phenomenal and represent two ends of the personality spectrum. As far as the story goes, I'm going to watch it again, as I'm still not sure it made total sense to me.

As far as the DVD goes, I too would have liked a directors commentary track. Sound and video quality is ok. I will probably buy this disc when it is on sale.
Old 09-25-00, 04:14 AM
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just average
Old 09-25-00, 12:08 PM
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I loved this movie, Laughed My A$$ off...
THe soundtrack is great and all of the acting was very good. If you are a music fan it is worth it just for the tunes. I rented it yesterday and am going to buy it today..

It is at least worth a rental....
Old 09-26-00, 05:26 PM
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I thought it was mediocre. I loved the music though!!

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