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Admiral Moeller 06-09-00 02:55 PM


after watching "Fight Club" on the DVD today. I noticed that there were quite a few speckles (white dots) on the movie print used for this transfer.

This seems to come from the film print itself and not from the DVD.

Has anyone else noticed that? Otherwise this is a terrific disc set (except for the crappy "break your disc while trying to remove it" case used).


Jadzia 06-09-00 03:15 PM

Are you sure they are not the "subliminal" images inserted during the part part of the film?

See the Fight Club "spoiler" thread for more details in the DVD Talk forum.


Admiral Moeller 06-09-00 03:27 PM

I am sure what I am talking about are the "sublimal images" used in that movie.

At least on my disc the are some white dots on the movie print itself every now and then.
This is especially noticable in dark scenes (of which there are plenty in Figh Club).
Also these dots don't appear in the black-bar(letterbox) area of the picture but only on the movie picture itself.

My disc looks clean and came directly out of the package.
So I suspect it's from the source print used.


Groucho 06-09-00 05:21 PM

I watched the whole thing and didn't notice what you are talking about. Can you give us a specific scene and time that you can see this problem in? That makes it a lot easier to check it out then watching the whole movie again.

Pants 06-09-00 06:48 PM

When Ed Norton is getting his luggage:

right at the begining of the scene there is a nice BIG scratch on the print. It runs vertically from top to bottom and is in the left third of the frame. Admiral is right this film element is not flawless.

monkey 06-09-00 09:01 PM

Rented it, and have been watching it. There are A LOT of white specks running across the film.

Patman 06-11-00 02:37 PM

That's just Tyler messing with ya!


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Durden Tyler 06-12-00 09:02 AM

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DigitalDave 06-14-00 05:29 PM

There aren't any specks on my DVD. Check your player. I watched my movie twice, it's crystal clear. http://sam.wood.tripod.com/smilies/mischief.gif

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