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NOFX 04-25-00 03:38 AM

Someone told me Arnold cussess in this movie. [not heard often since his T2 days] I don't know if thats a good thing or bad.

Is this only watchable once or more?

The Decline

Jamezuva 04-25-00 04:28 AM

Please don't bother with this movie...it really is a low point in his career. The acting and plot or horribly bad. I gave it a D- and I rarely give grades lower than a D. If you are so curious then please just rent it or something because more likely than not you'll hate this movie for the trash it is

The bane of my existence monetary wise

Hoc 04-25-00 05:34 AM

I like Arnold movies. I didn't particularly like this one. I thought "Last Action Hero" was the low in his career, and it was certainly much worse than this movie. This movie had all of the elements for success -- a heavy-hitting cast (Arnold, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollack, Robin Tunney), lots of action and explosions. Unfortunately, in all of that great planning, they left out the important things. Like a decent plot and some good dialogue. Arnold does manage to say "trust me" at least once in this movie, though.

Rent it.

nightliner 04-25-00 11:05 AM

Arnold's acting job in this film could be the worst of his career, especially if you take this movie seriously. I think a lot of people looped this into a category with Stigmata because of its similarities. If you take it in that regard, it is a poor flick. However, if you look at as a T-3, its not that bad. I think it would of been better had it been directed by James Cameron and worked in the T-2 style a bit more.
One thing this disc will definately do is give your sound system a work out.

Calistoga 04-25-00 02:53 PM

I liked the movie. I was interested in seeing him after that heart surgery, and the man rebuffed well.

Paul C 04-25-00 03:05 PM

I expect lots of action but......

Moral of this show:-
You lost faith in everything(including God), doesn't mean you can do evil.

BigBadWes 04-25-00 04:06 PM

Definitely worth only a rental! I love Arnold but this was pretty bad!

eXcentris 04-25-00 04:32 PM

A must buy, for masochists only http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

idiotic 04-25-00 04:57 PM

I thought it was gonna suck and I was pleasantly surprised. This movie was not nearly as bad as Last Action Hero at least to me, I guess you should probably rent it to see if you like it. I thought Gabriel Byrne did a great job as the devil imo.

Smog 04-25-00 05:05 PM

Idiotic script, laughable acting by Ahnold, wasted performance by Byrne, Poor casting of female lead. What was up in the scene in the alley when Byrne says I'm gonna hurt you so bad and make you watch me consumate sex with the girl, next thing you know Ahnold is strung to a building, (Mock crucifixion) and Byrne and the girl are gone, huh? Ahnold has to find his way to the secret church so he can watch? The confrontation scene and fight between Ahnold and Byrne is hilarious,though not meant to be. Another incredibly weak story line with dubious acting. I am so tired of these Bollywood craptacular films.

The Zizz 04-25-00 08:31 PM

This flick was godawful! Please don't waste your time and money on it. This was not entertaining at all.

Admiral Moeller 04-25-00 09:36 PM

The movie has a nice scene with Robin Tunney in it though...

NOFX 04-26-00 01:22 AM

As long as she wasn't naked...

The Decline

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