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DVD~Demonoid 04-16-00 12:24 AM

I am interested in the DVD quality, I have already seen the movie itself. Thank you.

Wolfchild 04-16-00 03:32 PM

It is a pan & scan 1.33:1 transfer and the video quality is abysmal, IMO. It is DD mono so the sound is nothing special either.

I'd say avoid this until they *hopefully* come out with a proper SE with the original aspect ratio and a better transfer. Unless you just have to have a copy...but this one is probably not much better than a VHS, really disappointing.

coop22 04-17-00 02:10 AM

i second wolfchild's opinion, however the dvd does offer the chapter search, and this movie is perfect for flipping directly to a favorite scene

TdHtXs 04-18-00 08:41 PM

It's a classic so I had to get it!

But, the sound is nothing special!

You do get all the vaction trailers though.

I think you also get character profiles as well.

I got it for free, so what the hell!


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