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Jamezuva 04-08-00 05:26 PM

Maybe my mind is going wacko but I could have swore that this was a flipper and that's why I refused to buy it. Am I just wrong...and that really the case is that the widescreen version is on one side and pan&scan version is on the other side...?? How's the video and audio btw?

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shiwala 04-10-00 01:48 PM


I'm also interested in hearing a review of this movie. This was one of the books that I really enjoyed in high school, and I'm interested to know how closely the film follows the book.

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ke493 04-10-00 03:32 PM

This disc is not a flipper....it may have Widescreen on one side, Pan & Scan on the other, I can't remember (it's at least Widescreen, that's what I watched). The tranfer was fine (I watched my copy a couple of months ago so my memory is a bit hazy).

I hadn't seen the film in probably 20 years, but it held up just fine. I've never read the book but the film was and still is great.

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Apparition 04-10-00 08:25 PM

As ke493 mentioned, it's not a flipper. It is 2-sided with widescreen and pan 'n scan versions on either side. No extras.

As for the audio and video, well, it was a drama made in the 70s, so don't expect much. It's decent, with the occasional bits of dirt and grain, but it's not going to impress you.

The movie, on the other hand, will (or should).


P.S. It was the first DVD I ever purchased, so the video actually DID impress me (as I was used to VHS at the time and had never seen a DVD before except at Best Buy or Circuit City).

Playitagainsam 04-10-00 08:42 PM

Jeez! Get the sucka!

It is one of the best films ever made, the DVD has it in both Widescreen and Pan-and Scan, and the subject remains so contemporary that it gives you the chills! Get it without hesitation! To hell with the extras, this is like putting the chariot in fron of the horses!

Jamezuva 04-10-00 08:46 PM

Yeah, I was planning on getting it as long as I didn't have to flip it mid-movie. Thanks all

The bane of my existence monetary wise

danw 04-11-00 08:41 AM

Re: How closely the movie follows the book.

Pretty closely. It's a good adaptation. I was, however, very disappointed that the bit where McMurphy cleans the toilets isn't in there.

Nurse Ratched: "This is a disgrace! A disgrace!"
McMurphy: "No, it's a toilet! A toilet!"



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shiwala 04-11-00 09:02 PM

Thanks guys...I'll look forward to getting this. I selected it as my free title in the Warner Buy 5, Get 1 free deal. Hopefully I'll get it around June (unless they don't like my D tabs).

bjhess 04-12-00 01:24 AM

I haven't read the book. However, I have heard that it doesn't follow that closely...or is maybe from a different viewpoint than the book. I think the book may be from the viewpoint of a certain patient. Anyone who's read it can verify...

Anyway, I have heard that the guy who wrote the book (Ken Kesey) has, and still does, refuse to watch the movie. <u>I</u> think it is a great drama...


danw 04-12-00 08:50 AM

If memory serves, the book was written from both the perspective of Chief and third-person. The movie seems to me to be from McMurphy's perspective.

A great movie, regardless.



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