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Review Wanted For Mystery Men and Stir of Echoes

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I just rented "Stir" and I thought the movie was great. Very scary but I felt the ending was very good.

The extras are cool and they include behind the scenes stuff and I think a Music Video or two. To be honest I rarely check out extras on rentals because there's not enough time to enjoy it all IMHO.
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Mystery Men - you have to watch the deleted scenes to enjoy the movie, IMHO. It lagged at times and seemed to be edited on a whim, but once you watch the deleted scenes things flow together a bit more.

The last third of the movie is definitely faster paced and more interesting. I was a little disappointed initially, but on the 2nd viewing w/extra's it was worth the rental - but don't think I'd buy.
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One of the more interesting deleted scenes shows the cast interacting with a special effect that hasn't been rendered yet.

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"Stir of Echoes," shades of "The Sixth Sense," but for the most part a whole different movie, less on big dramatic themes, "whoa" plot twists, and sudden scares, more emphasis on the breakdown of a man whose world gets turned upside down when he discovers "the other side" and how his breakdown affects his family. The last scene's surround effects sent chills up my spine. Watch it late at night w/lights off and underneath a big, blanket!
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Mystery Men is the kind of movie you enjoy more with subsequent viewings. As mentioned, the deleted scenes actually help define things a bit and you "get" more comedy when watching it with friends.
Stir of Echoes has a great premise with good acting. I enjoyed both but bought only Mystery Men for repeat viewing
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Mystery Men had some cool sets, action and effects, but the story sucked. Watched it once and traded it immediately.

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Stir of Echoes was a total shocker to me! I didn't expect the movie to be half as good as it was. To read my full review click on the link below.

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i smell a referral link....


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try clicking on it. its his review

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I absolutly loved Stir of Echoes! It contains great plot twists, loads of suspense, and great characters. The only complaint I have is it's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" ending. But it's still an excellent movie. By far a buyer!

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Rented both. Watched Mystery Men for about 20 min. Turned it off and went outside to clean up dog poop. Got more enjoyment from the latter.
Watched Stir of Echoes later that night with the wife. Very supprised because it was pretty entertaining. Kind of scarry. Reminded me of The Sixth Sense but not quite as good.
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Rented Mystery Men this weekend and fell asleep about 25 minutes into it. Great premise with a lot of promise, but sooooooo boring. My wife saw the last 1/4 of the movie and says that I didn't miss anything worthwhile. MM = disappointment
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Mystery Men was strange. My wife fell asleep. I wanted to fall asleep but forced myself to stay awake. I always watch all the extras and after doing so I decided I liked it. I didn't get to hear the Dir Commentary so I plan to re-rent it and watch it again. There was some very funny stuff especially Mr. Furious. Needed some editing I think...

If you read (or like) comic books you'll probably like this movie - if you can stay awake that is...
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