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anyoen seen/have these

Old 12-14-99, 04:55 AM
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tai chi masters , wing chun and iron monkey?
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I've seen Tai Chi master in theater 1 year ago and I really enjoyed it. Some find it too cheesy but I found it just perfect. The storyline is great and the fight scene are quite spectacular. If you enjoy wire work with great stunts you really can't go wrong with this one. Besides it's been out of stock i think for a while now.... I was wanting to get a copy but couldnt find a place that was selling it....

I've also seen Wing Shun and I really disliked it. The story is so-so and the fight scene are ridiculous...

Hope this help!

Old 12-14-99, 02:23 PM
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Try www.bluelaser.com, they specialize in HK/Jap. imports. I've used them once before and didn't have a problem w/ that order so I guess I can say I tentatively recommend them They do have Tai Chi and Tai Chi2 listed, I don't know if these are the versions you're looking for though...


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Old 12-16-99, 04:19 PM
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Tai Chi Master is my favorite wire-fu movie! Can't comment on the DVD as I've always been scared by the high price. Now it would seem I've missed the boat and will have to hope for a re-release.

I just got Iron Monkey as a gift last week and was pleasantly suprised by the quality. Sound and video are as good as I would expect, and the subtitles are far more readable than the video version. As far as the movie itself goes, I'd say it's one of the best "non-Jet Li" flicks I've seen.

You could also check out the Once Upon a Time in China series, especially the first three. These are excellent Jet films and (I think) are still available.

Take care.
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If I had to pick one it would be Wing Chun. Michelle Yeoh (Supercop, Tommorrow Never Dies)was great, and the movie is alot of fun. Unlike many of these sort of films it never takes itself too seriously, mixing humor with the action. I can't comment of the DVD quality since I only own it on VHS, although I may break down and get it since the tape is always being borrowed.

A close second is the (Robin-Hood + wire fu =) Iron Monkey (make sure you get the one by Woo Ping).

Tai Chi Master was good, but I would watch the others again over this one.

(BTW, if you make the topic more specific more people would probably reply to this thread.)
Old 12-23-99, 01:41 PM
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If you like dubbed karate movies then you can't lose with Iron Monkey. This movie was awesome!
Old 12-23-99, 03:31 PM
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The version of Iron Monkey I have contains Cantonese, Mandarin, and English soundtracks. I'd assume that the Cantonese is the original soundtrack. It didn't look dubbed anyway. Anyone know for sure?

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