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5 Best Criterion DVD's

Old 11-06-99, 02:47 PM
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I was just wondering your opinions on which 5 criterion DVDs are the best overall, taking into account both the quality of the film and the quality of the transfer. I own Brazil and Diabolique and ws wondering what my next purchase should be
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The Seventh Seal is a must have in my book, both for the picture and the transfer quality.
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I have to put a vote in for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and ARMAGEDDON. They have great transfers, especially the latter, with tons of cool extras. The only drawback--neither are anamorphic.

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The Red Shoes, Seven Samurai, Fishing with John (if it suits your sense of humor) and Picnic at Hanging Rock (mainly because it was the first time I'd seen the movie, but still great audio and video) are the Criterion DVDs that have knocked me out.

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my favorite four
1. Brazil
2. This Is Spinal Tap
3. The Silence Of the Lambs
4. Life Of Brian (not out yet, but I'm looking forward to it)

I've also seen their versions of The 400 Blows and Time Bandits. Pretty good, but nothing astounding in terms of extras or picture quality.
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My faves:

Seven Samurai- A excelllent movie and the Micheal Jeck(sp?) commentary is like a fascinating college seminar on Kurosawa and the film. Also the best transfer you can find of this.

Hard Boiled- The film speaks for itself and the DVD is basically for Woo fans. It's got 11 trailers of his films and his student film. Plus essays on the movie and Hong Kong crime films. The commentary is good, but crowded. Way better transfer then the imports.

This is Spinal Tap- Excellent, excellent, excellent. 2 commentaries(the band then Rob Reiner and some crew members), an hour of deleted footage, commercials, music video, and the 20 minute promo reel. Has a gritty feel(like it should)but, it's still cleaner then other versions.

Armageddon- If you're a fan this is a packed one. Along with 2 commentaries the second disc is loaded with stuff and many of it is on the special effects. Not anamorphic but so good it's demo quality

Robocop- Like Armageddon the majority of the extras are effects based, but it's got commentary and it's the uncut version. Not the best picture but, better then any other version.

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Old 11-07-99, 01:02 PM
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I agree w/ Cereal-Killer on Seven Samurai and Hard Boiled. I would also recommend Sanjuro and Yojimbo if you like movies of that ilk. One of my favorites that no one has mentioned yet though is Time Bandits. Granted a lot of people don't like the movie in general, but if you like Gilliam's work this is a great addition to the collection.

OK I lied The Zizz did mention it... Guess it would help if I acutally read everything first Although I would argue with Zizz about the lack of features. There is an audio commentary w/ Gilliam, Palin and Cleese (and others), and a photo gallery. While it doesn't have the deleted scenes and other fun stuff, it is still better than the movie only version

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I havn't seen a lot of them so I don't feel safe naming a top 5 but Brazi is simply a knockout. The extra's are what makes a Criterion disc so special, and this one has so many they used a whole 2 extra discs for it. You can't beat that.

And it's one of the best films ever IMHO, so that doesn't hurt either.

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My favorites (and the reason I liked them) are:

1. The 400 Blows - Film itself and commentary track.

2. Nights of Cabiria - Film.

3. The Seventh Seal - Film and commentary.

4. Dead Ringers - Whole package.

5. Diabolique - Film.

I also have seen: This is Spinal Tap , Silence of the Lambs , The Most Dangerous Game , Hard Boiled , Tokyo Drifter , Beauty and the Beast , M , The Lady Vanishes , The Long Good Friday , Walkabout , The Red Shoes , and Salo . The only ones I didn't like were Salo - disgusting and unwatchable and I am not at all weak stomached and Walkabout - I found it boring. I also thought that The Lady Vanishes was not that good a movie, but a good treatment and package. I could name 10 Hitchcock's I like better. Oh yeah, I couln't get through Tokyo Drifter either, due to odd lighting and shadows being irritating.

I also own, but have not yet found the time to watch: Armageddon , Brazil , and Seven Samurai . I expect good things from the later two.

More information than you asked for, but once I got typing...

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You don't think The Lady Vanishes is a good movie? Hmm
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The only ones I have seen, and I think they
are pretty good bunch are:

Brazil...3 disks..oooh!

Passion Of Joan Of Arc...wow, they really did a great job restoring this. Classic film!

Silence of the Lambs..I used to not like this movie, then I got this from Massmusic and I enjoyed it immensely...the deleted scenes were great as is the commentary.

And I just bought This Is Spinal Tap at my local Suncoast...Can't wait to watch that.
And...I just traded for Armageddon...the movie blows, but I hear the extras are great.


My DVD List

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Hope you don't have a slow machine.
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1. The Passion of Joan of Arc-silent masterpiece, possibly the best performance by an actress, Renee Maria Falconetti ever.
2. Nights of Cabiria-more neorealist, pre "Felliniesque" Fellini.
3. Andrei Rublev-more accessible Tarkovsky, about the life of the nomadic icon painter. Great commentary.
4. Grande Illusion-jumping the gun on this, but having seen the movie, this is worth owning at any price. A cerebral look at class struggle and modernization against the backdrop of WWI Europe.
5. Autumn Sonata-also jumping the gun, Ingrid Bergman's final movie appearance (excluding A Woman Called Golda, which was made for TV) before succumbing to cancer, about a mother attempting to reconcile with her alienated daughter. Heartbreaking.

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