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Gamblor187 06-13-99 01:06 PM

I've seen all of these movies and thought they were great. I was just wondering how the quality of the discs were and how the extras were:

The Apostle (I know this is a Collector's Edition. How are the extras and the commentary)?



Hard Boiled

Slap Shot

The Manchurian Candidate

Dead Man Walking

Singing In The Rain


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The Zizz 06-13-99 08:58 PM

The only one of these discs that I've seen is The Apostle. Though it is a good movie, its not one of Universal's best CEs. The supplements are a half hour making-of thing, which is pretty average, and a commentary with Robert Duvall that I didn't really like--he wasn't as energetic or interesting as commentators often are. Still, it is very informative. If you really like the movie, the disc is worth picking up.
BTW, this disc in NOT anamorphic, if that is a concern for you.

MARKUM MACK 06-14-99 04:25 AM

SLAP SHOT has a good crisp picture.It's 16 x 9 also!
The sound is no big deal.
It's worth buying if you like this movie.


Bugg 06-14-99 04:14 PM

Apostle - An o.k. disc with average picture quality, the extras are nothing to write home about, This should not have been priced at 35 dollars.

Hard Boiled - The transfer on the disc is good, but the actual film elements are not in the best shape, This is probably as good as it will ever look, The running commentary was kind of dull, but the disc does have a lot of extras and is well worth it's retail price of $40. If you want this one, buy it now! criterion seem to be having problems keeping their titles in print and once a title goes out of print the only way you can get the thing is to buy from someone on e-bay, and the prices over there are insane.

Manchurian Candidate - Well it has a very good transfer, but I did not listen to the commentary track, A must have in any case!

Dead Man Walking - Pretty good transfer that is at times a little on the dark side, besides a running commentary that I have not listened to, there are no real extras. Once agian, If you like the movie, then buy it now!! It's a Polygram title and will be going out of print very shortly.

Singing in the Rain - No extras, but this disc is flat out beautiful, the colors are deep and vivid and the image is crystal clear. Even the nit-picky folks over at the BIG PICTURE dvd review site gave this a full 5 star rating!

DVDer 06-14-99 04:31 PM

"Singin' in the Rain" is a terrific transfer, the picture is crisp and the colors are rich and vibrant. It is one of the best discs I've ever seen, which is pretty impressive for any movie, much less one that is over forty years old. (No extras but the usual MGM 8-page booklet and original trailer.) "The Manchurian Candidate" looks pretty good, has a trailer and commentary. Haven't listened to commentary yet.

I bought "Dead Man Walking" when I heard it was going to be discontinued, but haven't watched it yet. Tim Robbins' commentary should be interesting, and the other supplements include trailers.

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