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the action 06-07-99 05:42 PM

I usual wait for reviews of DVD's before I bought them. But I couldn't find any reviews of this one. Because it was $20 dollars and made by Sony(I personally believe the make the best dvds) I bought it.

The video quality is excellent, it really looks great, especially in Full Frame. I saw no errors and I still can't believe how good it looked. The audio is 2-channel surround, which is satisfactory. The menus are creative, but a tad ugly. Only extra is a really cool tralor for the movie. Which I have never seen before. If you liked this movie this DVD is a keeper.

Image- A+
Sound- B

WS and P&S 93 minutes over 28 chapters

Jeff 06-09-99 09:42 PM

Was it full frame or pan and scan? I had heard it was the pan and scan.

the action 06-10-99 03:09 AM

It is a flipper disk with both widescreen and P & S on separate sides

The Zizz 06-10-99 01:04 PM

This disc is now half off at reel.

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