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Old 06-07-99, 03:26 PM
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ALIEN dvd just a few words.DON'T BUY IT!
The DD 5.1 is bad. If you read some major online reviews like I did they don't tell you this.If you read some consumer reviews they will maybe this is because they don't get their dvd's free.The laserdisc is better than this dvd.

ALIENS is worth buying looks and sounds better than the laserdisc.

Old 06-07-99, 03:53 PM
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I disagree. The picture is substantially improved on the ALIEN DVD, and the sound is getting an undeserved bad rap. The bass response may be somewhat lesser than the LaserDisc (though the landing of the NOSTROMO on LV-426 still quaked my walls), but there is a considerable enhancement of the dialogue--finally, I can hear what everyone is saying without straining--, the music shares a better balance with the action (hell, I heard music in scenes I never realized had music on the LaserDisc), and there are a multitude of ambient sound effects I'd never heard before. Keep in mind, everyone, this a subtle sound mix and was always intended that way. I think Ridley Scott was aiming for a realistic quality for this entire film, audio included. Therefore, there is a very in-the-moment, on-site quality to the sound. This is not '90s mix, the likes of which always feel compelled to crack your bones with the sheer power of the volume. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: with a few very slight exceptions, this is the best ALIEN has ever sounded on a home video format. Cut it some slack!
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Question: has anyone noticed that the sound volume from the 5.1 Alien main english track is substantially lower than the dolby surround? I have to crank up my volume almost double when I compare track 1 to track 2. My audio system works fine with every other 5.1 disc I have.. Anybody else notice this?
P.s. If you want a real kick, check out the french track. In chapter 7 (I think), where they are checking out hurt on the slab, you hear heels clicking on the floor, even though everyone is wearing sneakers!
Old 06-08-99, 12:54 AM
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This just in from DVD File, regarding the alleged 5.1 mix problems of the ALIEN DVD:

This brings us to final point number three, which is the 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack to the set. Many have emailed me that they are upset with the volume level on the ALIEN disc in particular, some even going as far as to say Fox should recall the disc. Comparisons to the French and English 2.0 versions, which are a bit louder, have led some to say the 5.1 soundtrack is faulty. However, I also talked to THX on Friday, and quite simply they certified the audio mix of the discs, and it was done to their exacting specifications. A valid point both they and Fox have made is that just because a soundtrack is louder does not mean it is better or more accurate. Not all DVD soundtracks are recorded at the same levels, and it should be noted that sometimes mixes are jacked up or distorted, and great care was made to insure the ALIEN set was accurately represented sonically.

Personally, though I don't have the greatest sound system, I didn't have any problems with the soundtrack to the box set. Though, yes, ALIEN and ALIENS are a bit more quiet compared to other discs, I listened to them again in parts and adjusted the volume levels to different levels, and I felt that the sound mix was just as good as I reviewed them as. Again, loudness level does not a soundtrack make. Of course, some of you may have terrific sound systems, and can hear more (or have better ears) than I do. However, again, Fox has indicated there will be no recall of the disc, and any complaints they don't agree with at this stage. I'm sure some of you right now don't agree with all this, and may even be very angry. Stay tuned, I'm sure this issue will not go away.

Take it for what it is worth to you...

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