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DVDer 05-29-99 02:19 AM

I'm thinking of buying the "Crimes and Misdemeanors" DVD, but haven't heard anything about it. For anyone that has seen the DVD, what did you think of the sound and picture quality, and the extras (or lack thereof?).
Also, if anyone would like to share their two cents on "Copycat," your comments would be greatly appreciated.


Gamblor187 05-29-99 08:22 AM

I don't have Crimes and Misdemeanors on DVD, yet. But I know that it doesn't have any real extras, except for maybe a traler. I can say, however, that it is my favorite Woody Allen movie.


Filmmaker 05-30-99 05:28 PM

"Copycat" = Seriously watered-down SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. It was nothing but a waste of time and talent, in my opinion.

ffish 05-30-99 05:36 PM

I have to agree on Copycat -- it's been several years since I've seen it, but I remember it as being uninspired and (unironically) derivative.


Bugg 05-30-99 06:22 PM

Copycat is a great dvd, with a sharp colorful 16:9 transfer and good 5.1 mix. Plus it has a running commentary from the director (If you like the film then the dvd is a no brainer)

Gamblor187 05-30-99 08:45 PM

Something's wrong here. I'm agreeing with Filmmaker! Surely this must be a sign of the Apocalypse. However, before I go into hiding to avoid the Rapture, I must concur that Copycat was little more than Silence Of The Lambs Lite. What a waste of Holly Hunter! I do, however, give it credit for using the excellent Police song, "Murder By Numbers", even if it's use is a bit silly.

On the lookout for the 4 horsemen....

Filmmaker 05-30-99 08:54 PM

Yuck-yuck! What a cad! What a maroon!

I'm a little stunned (and potentially dismayed http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif) myself at this surreal moment of agreement betwixt Gamblor187 and me! Oh well, stranger things have happened. Now, if anglagard and I start seeing eye to eye...

Gamblor187 05-31-99 05:07 PM

Now I just have to get you to agree with me that Woody Allen is great and Armageddon is putrid. I won't hold my breath.


Filmmaker 05-31-99 06:20 PM

I'd be the first to agree that ARMAGEDDON is a disappointing piece of fluff--I have just learned that when I want a mind-numbing piece of eye-candy, ARMAGEDDON cetainly fits the bill. Perhaps you have no taste for mind-numbing eye-candy. Usually, I don't either, but some movies (like ARMAGEDDON) have so much of a "Wow!"-factor that I can't help but enjoy them, even if it's only a little! http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/wink.gif Call it a guilty pleasure and, remember, I always make a point of stating that DEEP IMPACT was a far better film in virtually every respect. As far as the Woody Allen thing is concerned, uh-uh, no way, not gonna happen, faggeddaboudit!

DVDer 06-01-99 07:56 PM

Thanks, all, for your input. I ordered "Crimes and Misdemeanors" today. "Copycat" will be one of the next on my list. I don't think it is SOtL lite. SOtL isn't the first cat and mouse type suspense movie, even though it is one of the best. I appreciate Filmmaker's comments, too, even if I'm another forum member who disagrees with him http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/wink.gif...Woody Allen has recently become one of my favorite directors (well, I guess I've spent the last sixteen years in the dark). How 'bout if we all celebrate our differences without calling the next person with a varying opinion a moron? http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif I've only seen part of "Copycat," but have no qualms with adding it to my DVD library, especially given the information Bugg shared.

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Filmmaker 06-01-99 09:11 PM

DVDer, I called Gamblor187 a cad and a maroon (like the color), not a moron. That's a silly little phrase Bugs Bunny always used in his cartoons when somebody tried to be "funny" with him, and it was intended completely in good-humor. I would never hurl blatant insults at anyone for disagreeing with me and, in fact, Gamblor187 and I have been forming an unusual bond as of late. We still disagree 9 times out of 10, but we both seem to love a fun, logical, good-spirited debate, and I hold Gamblor187 (as well as every other DVDTalk forum member) in high regard. http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif

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DVDer 06-01-99 11:27 PM


I apologize for my oversight. Not only do I know little if anything about Bugs Bunny, but I apparently need to get the prescription of my glasses adjusted http://www.dvdtalk.com/ubb/smile.gif.

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