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ffish 05-28-99 10:41 PM

I just did a quick search here and noticed this hasn't come up here. So let me ask: Is Casablanca (DVD, MGM) worth owning?

Of course, I'm not so much asking if it is a good movie as much as I'm asking whether the DVD is of good quality. Or is there a new transfer on the horizon?


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DVDer 05-28-99 10:51 PM

"Casablanca" is definitely worth owning on DVD. The transfer looks excellent, given it's age. The last transfer I know of was for the 50th anniversary (in the early 90s). It has more features than the average MGM title, specifically 8 theatrical trailers (for "Casablanca" and other classic Bogart movies), the Lauren Bacall narrated documentary "You Must Remember This" with never-before-seen footage, and the usual 8-page production note booklet.


Kelvecion 05-29-99 11:27 AM

I bought Casablanca the moment I saw it advertised for ten dollars! As has already been stated - it's a great transfer. Compared to my old video, the DVD is a zillion miles ahead!!

Peat 05-29-99 02:14 PM

LOL! I came to the reviews forum to ask about the very same DVD. Well, that's great, I can't wait til I recieve this DVD!

Thanks for the comments

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ffish 05-29-99 03:06 PM

Thanks for the comments, folks. I ordered it last night.


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