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Insurection: Quality Top Notch

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Insurection: Quality Top Notch

Old 05-14-99, 11:09 AM
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I won't debate the Artistic Quality of the Latest Trek Movie ( I Liked it) but there's no arguing Paramount has produced a top notch disk. The scenes filmed in the hills of California (oops I mean on the Alien World) are the best Outdoor stuff in any Trek disc. The Sound is phenominal too with great use of the surrounds and sub. A Very good disc to show of your HT.
Old 05-14-99, 01:30 PM
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Scarpad, I could not agree more. This is one of the top 2 or 3 DVDs I own as far as audio and video. I also enjoyed the movie more watching it a second time than I originally did in the theater. It is not the best Trek movie, but I think it is the best of the odd numbered films.
Old 05-14-99, 10:09 PM
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Sorry, I can't agree. Just saw the movie tonight and the first thing I noticed was the occasional graininess of the film. Maybe it was just a defective disc, but it definitely was not as clear as 99% of the other movies I have...
(p.s. I have a Sony XBR and the setting is great for all my other DVD's).
Not much in way of features, besides a very short featurette.. At least they could have included trailers from other Star Trek films..
Old 05-14-99, 11:27 PM
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I just got this disc today, and popped it in.
I am very un-impressed. I think Paramounts
transfers are very sub-par. Yes, it is 16X9,
but like Steve was saying, the transfer has
its problems.
When is Paramount going to dedicate itself to
some Quality on DVD!?
Star Trek deserves more than this! I hate to
think of The Wrath of Kahn getting this kind
of treatment as well...Braveheart?Indy Jones?
PLEASE Paramount!
Maybe they've been assimilated by the borg!?!
Someone please wake up Paramount!
Old 05-17-99, 08:59 AM
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Jason, what exactly don't you like about the disk? I think it shows off really well, this is the 1st Trek film that has a wide range of locals, Space, nebula's, mountaintops, etc. The outdoor scenes are especially nice, and that's even on my 53" screen.
Old 05-17-99, 08:23 PM
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As far as the movie itself goes, nothing
whatsoever! I loved it when I saw it in the
Theater. My beef is with Paramount and their
lack of attention to their most coveted
series of movies. Why not give us a commentary
With Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart, or
better yet, Rick Berman himself? How about
the deleted scenes, especially the ones that
upset Patrick Stewart when they were cut.

There's so many things that Paramount owes to
Star Trek fans(IMHO).

As far as my other problem with the disc was
the transfer. I don't have a widescreen tv(it's
my understanding that a 16X9 transfer looks
better on these)but I thought the reds were
a little washed out and also noticed a litte
grainy-ness on occasion. It is better than
say...Die Hard 2. But not as good as others.
But, I've come to expect this from Paramount.
just my opinion.
Old 05-18-99, 07:02 AM
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Paramount is the worst as far as any added features to their DVDs. Too bad they couldnt treat the Star Trek movies like New Line Cinema does with their Platinum Series...

Old 05-19-99, 08:32 PM
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Paramount is really being outrageously pathetic with their support for DVD, not only insulting us but also ripping us off with DIVX content on DVD at premium prices. Check out the Insurrection web site at http://insurrection.startrek.com/. All that mass information about the movie, characters, bios, plot, quizes, trailers, etc. should all have been on that DVD. Even the LCARS interface of the site is what the DVD should have been.

But Paramount doesn't intend to put that kind of effort into DVD yet, they openly admit they will re-release all their titles next year. So let's just live with the fact that they are opening ripping us off.

My major problem with the Insurrection DVD revolves around the quality of the transfer. The audio is fantastic, you can't possibly convince me that there is a better way to demonstrate Dolby Digital 5.1 that this. But the video transfer, my god what have they done?

First Contact and Generations were both dual layered discs. The quality of the video was faultless, absolutely perfect. Perhaps they used less compression and a much higher bit rate, thereby using more space (hence the dual layers) but producing an incredible picture.

But Insurrection's picture was terrible. Sure it was still quite good, but the NTSC line flicker was very evident (we don't have that problem with the PAL system here in Australia, it's a NTSC flaw but it rarely is obvious on NTSC DVDs). None the less I could put up with this, my major problem was the grain. GRAIN!!! On such a recent release!!! It wasn't always there, but when it was you could see it.

My only conclusion is that they used a crap source, plus used extremely high MPEG compression.

Paramount I am sooooo disgusted. Thank god this was the one and only title I've been waiting out on from Paramount. Here on in I'm avoiding Paramount DVDs all together, this is just outrageous.

Old 05-20-99, 07:23 PM
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Jasonbird, I cannot and will never agree with something you said. I am referring to the part about the commentary "or better yet, Rick Berman" ... I have been following Trek for 12 years now (literally over 1/2 my life), and there is only one member of cast, crew, production, etc that I despise. I have no respect for that individual. I cannot even refer to that individual as a "man".
I was at a convention shortly after the Great Bird (Gene Roddenberry) passed away, and a question was asked of Mr Berman. "What will happen now that Gene's gone?" Berman actually replied -- to a room filled with Star Trek fans "Gene's dead, I'm in charge, get over it."

Star Trek fans do not forgive, nor do they forget. Had a commentary with Mr Berman been included, I would have returned my copy. I refuse to have anything to do with Mr Berman.

Back on the subject of dvd's, I think the big P really dropped the ball with generations. There was nothing but the movie itself. What happened with the rest? I know there were at least 3 trailers produced, a documentary on the Sci Fi channel, one on HBO, at least one on E! Entertainment, and the only thing they choose to include was 5.1 .... That doesn't do anything for me.

First Contact showed me what they could do; Generations was ok at best. VI and V I were acceptible. No extra footage, nor special features, but I really do think the trailers/teasers for Trek are important for some reason I can't identify :-)

I noticed that with Generations there was no extra footage, and I know there are several scenes in each movie that were cut for time reasons, and I have this feeling that after the first 9 films are released, around the time Trekkies is released on home video/dvd, they are going to release Star Trek: The Missing Scenes (or some title!) that is nothing but cut scenes from the 9 movies to date, probably hosted by Frakes or DeLancie.

Ok, my fingers are tired now. Next?
Old 05-24-99, 10:54 PM
Movie Nut
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My copy of Star Trek Insurrection is almost perfect. Great in both audio and visual. The only thing I have to complain (again) is the lack of extras. I personally love watching outtakes and deleted scenes... I remember seeing an E! Making of special on Insurrection and perhaps it could be added on the DVD... Outtakes of Star Trek would be awesome! Don't you think?

One of the reasons why people stay till the very end for all Jackie Chan movies!
Old 05-24-99, 11:44 PM
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Just watched this tonight (finished about 15 minutes ago), and I would have to say the video and audio were great.

Really enjoyed seeing the detail of the space scenes, as well as the water detail when the hologram ship materialized in the lake.

...and yes, I agree, I ALWAYS like a side of extras with my DVD order...

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