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'You've Got Mail' Comments?

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'You've Got Mail' Comments?

Old 05-04-99, 07:28 PM
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I know it just came out, but I'm anxious to hear people's comments on the disc, especially the special features.

Old 05-04-99, 11:18 PM
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It's a decent disk and it has some nice features. especially the Previews of "Shop around the Corner" and "In the good ole summertime" My disk had a glitch at 114min where the picture froze and had some breakup, but interestingly I played it again and the 2nd time it was ok.
Old 05-05-99, 12:36 AM
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I just picked this one up for $9.99 at CompUSA. Overall, it's a good disc loaded with extras and well worth the small price I paid. I do however have one gripe. It seems to me that the extras (such as the HBO special on the making of the film) do not look as good as the actual movie. It seems as if these extras were digitized at a lower rate to save space so they could pack as much as possible onto the disc. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this?
Old 05-05-99, 07:29 PM
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Here's My Review:

DVD Review: You've Got Mail

Old 05-05-99, 11:08 PM
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Lorne . . .

Even though a DVD may be packed with "extras", they are usually of inferior quality . . . poor picture & dolby surround (2.0). Maybe the HBO special of "The Matrix" will be better if they add it to the DVD release.

The only studio that consistently produces above average transfers of the extras is New Line. I think the "Ghostbuster: 15th Anniversary Edition" will set a new standard, though . . .

. . . as for the topic . . . still haven't seen "You've Got Mail" . . . I would also like some more reviews before I buy the DVD.
Old 05-05-99, 11:23 PM
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Man, this disc is loaded! It's not really my kind of film, and isn't part of my 1/2 of the family DVD library, but I was quick to snatch it up at $9.99 at CompUSA for my fiancee. My one major complaint: the DVD-ROM features. My only other DVD-ROM film is LOST IN SPACE, which has operated on my Sony VAIO 5 x DVD-ROM like a charm from the word "go". However, the YOU'VE GOT MAIL DVD-ROM features have been nothing but a pain. When I first put the disc in, it wouldn't even load the PCFriendly software necessary to access the DVD-ROM features. After the second time, it did load, and showed the opening segment (the one with wire-frame planets, and the Long Island graphic). However, when I accessed the interviews segment, they wouldn't play. Trying a third time, I could get the interviews to play, but the aforementioned opening only played the audio, without the corresponding graphics. Enraged, I yanked the disc from my computer and haven't tried it again. I don't know if my computer's the problem or the disc but, considering this is Warner Bros.' first DVD-ROM title (right?), I'm inclined to think it is the disc. Anyone else having these problems, or have any advice on how to acheive smoother performance from the DVD-ROM features? P.S., what kind of sick world do we live in where the trailers to ARTHUR and THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY are letterboxed while the films on DVD aren't?!?!?!?!
Old 05-06-99, 12:43 PM
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Not to be curt or anything, but this was just plain boring to me. I was probably about 20 or 30 minutes into the disc before I turned it off. Had something better to do. I view it again on a slow day (when there rrrrrrealy isn't anything to see), or for the extra features.
Old 05-06-99, 08:07 PM
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You've got mail is a pretty weak movie. Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle?? Then you've seen a better version of You've got Mail. The acting was fair but it is the script that really disappoints. Even for the $8 I paid I don't think I got a good deal.

Old 05-06-99, 08:21 PM
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Well, I got it tonight. For $21.79, I'm not complaining. Havn't given it a spin yet, but that interactive map sounds neat, I hope it's as good as L.A. Confidential.

Old 05-07-99, 01:11 PM
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Why did you pay retail? Are you aware that CompUSA is selling it for 9.99 this week and they have plenty of copies available in most stores?
Old 05-07-99, 04:53 PM
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$21.79 Canadian, so roughly $16(?) US

Old 05-09-99, 10:21 AM
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I also think is was pretty boring, although my wife liked it. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes somewhere in the middle. Alas... Meg Ryan is starting to show her age... have to come up with another favorite cutie!

Old 05-12-99, 05:31 PM
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Got it for free from Amazon for spending too much on my Yahoo Visa!

As for the movie, it's a pretty decent movie, on par I'd say with Sleepless. Somewhat predictable but still a good fun relaxing movie.

The extras, well the HBO interview was OK, the picture quality sucked though.

I don't have a DVD-ROM, but I did find that the content you're looking for is available to any regular DVD player by going through the TITLES (hit you're display button after playing something)on the disk. I figured that (approx here) the first few were for the movie, then there were tracks to find the beginning of the next segment of audio (for the audio only soundtrack), then around Track 35ish it switched to trailers, then at the end (50ish) we got to the interviews (DVD-ROM stuff), no picture though.

For the money it's a steal. The Sleepless In Seatle disk looks like it was put together by a moron by comparison.
Old 05-12-99, 06:45 PM
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Both my wife and I thought this was the most boring film we have ever seen. I personally LOVE romantic comedies, perhaps that is why I hated this film so much - especially since it was a remake of one of my favorite films ="the shop around the corner" with Jimmy Stewart. The remake is pale compared to the original.
I was so bored by the end of the film that I ejected the disc immediately so I have no idea of what the extras were. nor do I care.
Old 05-13-99, 11:44 PM
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The movie was good but seemed to drag a bit. But Parker Posey was well worth the $9.99 I paid for it.
Old 05-14-99, 01:45 AM
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I actually liked it better than Sleepless. It's basically a very similar movie. If you liked one, you'll like the other, though neither is When Harry Met Sally.

Extras very good as well. considering the $4 rental fee standard at the major chains, $9.99 was a decent enough price.
Old 05-18-99, 07:25 AM
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I didn't think it was all too bad a movie. I guess I latched on to the whole 'singles' theme-like flow of the movie. I've never done the internet thing, so this curiosity helped me to last through all that dialogue and some of the slower parts. I'll say that, though I haven't seen the extras yet, I still believe it was worth $9.99 (well to me, anyway).

Old 05-18-99, 09:17 PM
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Here's my review:

Review: You've Got Mail (1998)

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