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Old 04-07-99, 11:18 PM
Don Catchpole
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I would really appreciate a review of these movies before I buy them: American History X, Stepmom, Apt Pupil, Return to Paradise, You've got mail and A Bug's Life.
Old 04-07-99, 11:58 PM
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The only one I can help you with is A Bug's Life. I saw it at the theater and it was a pretty good movie for what it was. A Disney movie. A lot of people compare it with Antz. If I was to compare I would pick Antz as the superior movie, but A Bug's Life had some good moments. The voice work was well done. Hearing Jonathan Harris and Phyllis Diller was a treat in itself. The computer animation is on par with Toy Story and even improves on that movie. The real kicker with this movie is the fake "outtakes". They were a hoot to watch. Almost worth the price of admission just for those. The DVD will have both sets of outtakes that were released with the movie at theaters. To sum it up, I would recommend the movie if you are a fan of animation.

Old 04-08-99, 02:08 AM
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I actually thought A Bug's Life was a more balanced film, but it did not have the perverse fun of Antz!

I think both are worthy additions to any DVD collection (that's assuming Bug's Life doesn't turn out to have major production flaws or something, of course).
Old 04-08-99, 02:25 AM
Don Catchpole
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Thank you Cat and Epski. I guess I am pretty safe ordering A Bug's Life. I like a very wide variety in my collection of movies. I missed out on the Antz deal at bestbuy so this one should take it's place.
Old 04-08-99, 02:27 AM
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I saw "You've Got Mail" in the theatre and I had some pretty strong opinions. I can appreciate a chick flick, even though they aren't usually my first choice. I can see why movies like "Sleepless in Seattle" are very popular. That's why I offered to take my fiancee to see YOUVE (there's the HSX abbreviation ).

Bottom line, though, is that the movie sucked, at least IMHO. My fiancee didn't like it either, which I found to be surprising. The plot is contrived and predictable. After seeing the first 10 minutes I could have outlined the plot for you. The magic just wasn't there in this movie.

For me, YOUVE was the biggest dissapointment of 1998, along with "54" and "The Avengers". I would strongly reccomend checking it out before purchasing. If I had bought this without seeing it, and I must admit that I probably would have, I would have put it on EBay right after it was over.

But hell, it raked in the cash at the box office, so what do I know? Maybe I just watch way too many movies (No, I DO watch way too many movies, but....)
Old 04-08-99, 05:34 AM
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Here ya go Don:
American History X
Return To Paradise
You've Got Mail
A Bug's Life

I run my own movie review site, so just hop on over and read my reviews.

Blake Kunisch | [email protected]
An Outermost Experience! | DVD Tracker List

Darn formatting making me editing and all...

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Old 04-08-99, 02:05 PM
Don Catchpole
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Thanks so much Blake. I bookmarked your site. It's very impressive! Now I have some pre-ordering to do.
Old 04-08-99, 05:35 PM
Wayne Thomas
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I saw "Stepmom" and "You've Got Mail" in the theaters. I thought "Stepmom" was very well acted movie. If you even like any of Julia Roberts past movies, you will like this one. It's more of a drama but it is partial comedy. John Williams (Star Wars) composes the music in this film. "You've Got Mail" is very good movie too. I liked it better than "Sleepless in Seatle" because Meg and Tom interacted with each other throughout the film. It's a good Love story. I have both of these on pre-order and you can't loose with either of them. "A Bug's Life" is a no brainer. There is no question of whether on should get this movie. I put a pre-order on "A Bug's Life" as soon as saw the name. There's just too many good DVDs coming out, but yet, there's still not enough.
Old 04-08-99, 10:30 PM
the action
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Return to Paradise is an awsome movie.
Old 04-10-99, 04:03 PM
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Has anybody else seen Return to Paradise? I have been intrigued about this movie since Roger Ebert compared it to a contemporary Midnight Express! I'd love to order this disc if I knew a bit more about it!!!
Old 04-10-99, 08:55 PM
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Saw it, and was actually quite impressed.

I sort of figured it for a formula movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vince Vaughn gives a remarkable performance, and having spent more than my fair share of time in Thailand, was impressed at how well they captured the feel of things there.

The only thing I didn't like was that it made me regret leaving Thailand when I did. Ahhhh, life in Koh Samui really is life in paradise!

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