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"Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

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"Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

Old 09-24-23, 11:45 PM
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"Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

Ebola Syndrome (1996)

Selected by SterlingBen

Additional Posters:



These "October Horror Movie Challenge" threads are for the discussion of the films in the 31 FILM SUBSET list.

The plan is for everyone to watch this film on the October day in the thread title, and to start discussing it the morning of the following day.
You may start discussion early if you want, but the preferred plan is for this to be as much of a group exercise as possible, with all of us viewing it "together" and discussing after.

Of course, you are totally encouraged to participate in these threads even if you haven't watched the movie on the designated day.
Even if you haven't watched it in years, or are not participating in the Horror Challenge, please feel free to chime in.

Spoiler tags aren't always used in here, so if you have yet to see the film BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS.






Old 10-10-23, 01:20 PM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

Well...that was...an experience. Thanks alyxstar and StelingBen...I guess?

I mean. I don't know what to say. There are always those few movies out there that after watching you can saw you thought you had seen it all...until now. Well, this is one of those movies.

I don't even know how to rate it. It is so utterly offensive in every aspect of life but at the same time, quite entertaining. Some of the dialogue is truly laugh out loud funny but also headshakingly awful (and by awful, I mean that in "you are a terrible human for laughing at that" awful) even when it is played for laughs.

You think you know what you are getting into after the first scene...but it just doubles down, triples down, quadruples down...I have no words.

So, I think I will give it *** out of *****. Below seems too low since it is so entertaining but above that means I may be a sick motherfucker.

If I had seen this when it came out (or especially as a teenager in the 80's) I would have loved and laughed through every minute of it. Have I grown too old for movies like this?

I very much look forward to seeing everyone's thoughts on this.
Old 10-11-23, 11:47 AM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

I’ve often heard of Ebola Syndrome and was glad to finally cross it off my list. It’s a competently made film with an enjoyable amount of questionable elements.

From the start with the least convincing sex scene every it’s an odd mix of provocation but in the most hammy oddly toned manner. Maybe something is lost in translation. I appreciate the efforts at gore or sex but it’s weird to center them around such a corny loser – (maybe to offend without any risk of ambiguity or anyone relating to the killer). I'm more used to seeing violence glorified than lampooned. There is some sly comedy in an aimless loser being both intentionally selfishly evil and unintentionally highly deadly. The problem is that none of the characters end up being relatable to a point it blunts the impact of some awfully gross or spectacularly gorey evil making everything feel almost cartoonish rather than rattling. Even the traumatized girls is unable to tell her family’s killer is right in front of her.

The ebola theme is timely for the 90s and a good pick in this year following all the COVID stuff. When the film talks about Kai’s odor, gross breath, etc that stuff ends up feeling effective. In the end Kai running around the streets spitting and bleeding on people rather than using his knife is a surreal, funny, and evil scenario that works well because of the iffy plot points before it. Even as he does that the police look for humane ways of tranquilizing him - what a strange contrast to the mean spiritedness of the rest of the film.

It feels like some of the racism here is a part of the risquť comedy but some of it feels maybe unintentional or dated.

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jholmes (10-12-23)
Old 10-11-23, 02:16 PM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

I donít know what to say about this. I very much disliked it, but I canít handle the ultraviolence stuff anymore. Iím not sure I ever really dug it all that much.
That being said itís not a ďbadĒ film. I just never want to watch it again.
Iím truly dreading Terrifier 2 day.
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Spiderbite (10-11-23)
Old 10-11-23, 08:47 PM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

I like pandemic/disease films, so I was hoping this one lived up to its title. I seriously hated the first half, with Kai being so disgusting and brutal. I'm not a fan of a lot of graphic sex in horror movies, so I didn't like that aspect. Kai is such a pig. In the second part, once people started getting Ebola and trying to track Kai down, it got more tolerable. But you'd think, for a movie called "Ebola Syndrome" they could have gotten the disease symptoms right and not just had people fall down and instantly start shaking from perfectly healthy, then get red spots and die.

It's weird to mix an all-out disgusting-as-possible extreme film with a virus outbreak plot. Though I guess Ebola is a pretty gross-out kind of disease. I would have given it a 1/2 star after the first half, but it got raised to an entire star by the end.

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Spiderbite (10-11-23)
Old 10-12-23, 11:09 AM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

We would be hard pressed to find a worst fit in this challenge than Kai. He just kept doubling down on his bad actions. Given some of the redemption arcs we've seen, I was partly expecting Kai to turn himself in or something once he learns he is the super spreader. But nope, he doubles down again and starts throwing more bodily fluids on random people.

It's a difficult film to say you like, but I did find it effective, especially when it got more into the disease chasing aspect. The movie didn't really need so many of the violent subplots in the beginning to get where it wound up, but I guess that's exploitation! The most disturbing thing was probably the racism. Gross. And it wasn't just from Kai. Was this trying to make us not like the couple to make it easier when they were killed? You could kind of see why they'd make Kai say racist things. Might as well make him more foul, right? But making the married couple racist, too, made it feel more deliberate. Whether it was just bad humor or trying to learn sympathy for the characters, I really don't know.
Old 10-12-23, 11:28 AM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

I love movies that offend everyone equally. i think Ebola Syndrome is a masterpiece of sleaze and nihilism from what is arguably the worst decade of horror films (the 90s).
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WillieMLF (10-16-23)
Old 10-12-23, 06:49 PM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

This is the second time I've seen it and I honestly think it's hilarious. It's so ridiculously repugnant that it goes way beyond offending me and just making me laugh.
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WillieMLF (10-16-23)
Old 10-15-23, 10:30 AM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

Just watched this film, and I really don't know what to say about it other than I'm glad I watched it when my wife and kids were not around. So weird and offensive all around.
Old 10-16-23, 08:16 AM
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Re: "Ebola Syndrome" Reviews/Discussion - 2023 Horror Challenge

This is one crazy movie. This was a bit of a rough watch, and the VS 4K looked great, but I’m not entirely sure I’m going to revisit this movie anytime soon. Ah, this is the same dude from the Untold Story, which I thought was more coherent.

Numbercrunch/ DaveyJoe hit the nail on the head. Equal opportunity repugnant.

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