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"Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

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"Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

Old 09-28-21, 09:15 PM
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"Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

Slaxx (2020)

Selected by Group Vote

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These "October Horror Movie Challenge" threads are for the discussion of the films in the 31 FILM SUBSET list.

The plan is for everyone to watch this film on the October day in the thread title, and to start discussing it the morning of the following day.
You may start discussion early if you want, but the preferred plan is for this to be as much of a group exercise as possible, with all of us viewing it "together" and discussing after.

Of course, you are totally encouraged to participate in these threads even if you haven't watched the movie on the designated day.
Even if you haven't watched it in years, or are not participating in the Horror Challenge, please feel free to chime in.

Spoiler tags aren't always used in here, so if you have yet to see the film BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS.







Old 10-05-21, 12:34 PM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

After my rewatch of Green Room left me feeling a bit anxious, I went looking for something relatively short and light. I ran into this on Shudder and remembered it was a subset pick so gave it a try. Not too bad. It wasn't exactly subtle, though one wouldn't expect a movie about killer pants to be. If anything, I was impressed that a film with such a ludicrous premise was able to shoehorn in a message about child labor. It served its purpose, though. It was a good cleanser before the next movie.

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Old 10-11-21, 03:03 PM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

I was a little disappointed in Slaxx having heard some hype and with a 97% rotten tomato rating. Many characters are obnoxious to a point where it doesn't feel like effective humor or commentary. The premise is ripe for going crazy but mostly feel subdued with relatively straight kills. It's worth watching and I'm always down for 'up with the people' style content but here it felt hollow like an overly long in joke about retail work. Even the labor aspects felt cliche and even maybe a little deceptively silly with perhaps some casual xenophobia (the pants couldn't help but dance to bollywood and wear a bindi). Beneath the obvious some of the language that suggests more is going on, or unintentionally destroys the subtext, in the 'this isn't justice' banter against the killer pants - that it's not a matter of labor practices but a matter of mistaken solutions not yielding any results or over the top anger. It might seem like I'm taking the film 'too serious' but it presents itself as an attempt to be more serious and biting than farce alone but falls flat on those fronts.
Old 10-29-21, 08:22 AM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

I was surprised to enjoy this one. A lot of the cultural, PC, social media, corporate pokes landed nicely and made me chuckle several times. The effects were simple (and very cheap) but effective.

The biggest issue I had with it was it still felt overly long even at brisk 77 minutes. The joke was over after the first third and was really feeling flat by the last third. I felt this would have played better as a half hour anthology short in Shudder's own Mortuary Collection than as a stand-alone feature.

My rating: *** out of *****
Old 10-31-21, 11:21 PM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

I didn't love this as much as I expected. The whole uber trendy clothing company was so broadly played. It was more annoying, the way it is annoying in real life, than funny. The whole girl from India spirit was pretty dumb, but I guess it was an interesting stab at exploiting cheap labor in other countries. A few of the deaths occurred off camera, which felt like a cheat. BUt there was some good grisly bits with the dead bodies, and I liked the sleazy store manager. Glad I watched it. 6/10.

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Old 11-01-21, 09:12 AM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

I get that you’re supposed to hate everyone, but they did too good of a job and just made me hate the movie too.
Old 11-01-21, 10:27 AM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

Horror comedy about a clothing store that produces killer jeans. Silly, but a decent one time watch. The key to these type films are memorable characters. Unfortunately, there really isn't any stand out performances here.
Old 11-01-21, 11:31 AM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

I foresaw the twist including the special/experimental cotton but the reveal was interesting. Libby was a bit naive but she figured it out and tried to make it right and yet she did not survive the ordeal. This was more horror comedy than horror comedy I suppose.

From the credits scene I wonder why they chose to puppeteer the dancing pants instead of dancing in the pants with the upper body in a suit? The movement would have seemed more realistic.
Old 11-01-21, 01:23 PM
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Re: "Slaxx" Reviews/Discussion - 2021 Horror Challenge

This was a lot better than I expected and I enjoyed the social satire skewering the shallow, fake commitment to social progress companies use to hide their unethical practices and so-called "fashion influencers." I'm glad everyone died, except for poor Libby and Keerat. I agree with Spiderbite about this being a one-joke movie that would have worked better as an anthology installment.

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